New Year’s Resolutions

I read recently, that having a New Year’s Resolution is setting yourself up for failure. I totally disagree. This past New Year’s eve, I had the pleasure to spend it with most of my family as we are spread across this large country and do not see each other often. As the bell stuck mid-night we raised our glass of bubbly and wished each other health, happiness and success. We then decided it would be an opportune time to share our ‘resolutions’.  One brother insisted that his resolution was to have supper at everyone’s house at least once during the year! However, there were more serious resolutions: volunteering more, visiting senior’s residences and making pyjamas for the women’s shelter — all honourable, selfless and meaningful. And all achievable too.

I think about my own resolution. Having had a recent second hip replacement, my goal is to be the most fit I can be. And, outwardly this may seem very selfish; however, in reality there are benefits to others. I am a happier person: the quality of my life improves, I can do most things with ease and I lessen the burden on our overtaxed healthcare system. And being fit is something that I really want, and in that I  know I will be successful.

I think resolutions are wonderful; they confirm that we care and are passionate about making something better, either for ourselves or others, or perhaps both. And that is a wonderful thing.

One thought on “New Year’s Resolutions

  1. I totally disagree with your comment about being selfish for wanting to be the fittest you can be. It’s not selfish at all. It’s the complete opposite. Good for you!

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