Social Media Influencer

Social media influencer is social media marketing. Social media marketing is using any social media platform to promote your brand and sell your product and/or services. Social media influencers are an important part of the social media platform network. Influencers help us as their followers of new products, new developments, and sometime breaking news. Social media platforms where people start to become celebrities or outright brands. One of the top game changers for social media influencers is TikTok. TikTok has been a game changer to social media because of their reach, features, and shareability.

Social media influencers have the tools to attract people such as viewers and followers to consistently and can motivate others to expand their reach. Social media influencers could be a blogger, celebrities, and even an online entrepreneurship. Instagram is easy to use by posting images, and videos aka reels, which encourages others to share the content that can help brands to help improve their target audience reach. If their content and audience match what they’re looking to promote and/or what your brand promotes it could represent an excellent marketing tool. The top five social media influencers are:

  • Addison Rae
  • Huda Kattan
  • Khaby Lame
  • Kayla Itsines
  • Selena Gomez

These top five social media influencers are using Instagram to combine their brand with their personal use and consistent posting to draw in viewers to become followers. The job role of an influencer are social media users who have several followers and use their social media platform to market services based on brand partnerships.

Photo Credit: Weedezign

Social media influencers are important in everyday life because this allows viewers and followers to increase brand exposure and boost brand awareness.  When influencers buy a product they provide a unique trackable promo code, as they sometime offer promo codes along with their post and stories. As this can attract their followers toward these brands can help drive conversation. Also, this can make it easier to determine the effectiveness of each individual influencer.

“Social media influencers can put your business high in the sky and they can make your company drop value in 24 hours” This states that any social media influencer can contribute to your brand and/or company by allowing your viewers to see which products you stand by. When being a social media influencer this allows followers and viewers to attract more attention to this certain influencer. As some influencers have an effect to followers will contribute to have followers direct attraction to more of their brand and company. What do you think about social media influencers?

Addiction To Social Media – COM0011

Social media has evolved over the years, letting us communicate with others on social media. As humans we are taught to learn how to communicate to each other physically but over the years we have been able to communicate mentally over social media. Addiction to social media has changed so many lives, that this has begun a struggle for others that can’t put their phone away.

Social media can be an addiction as an unhealthy interactive social media platform, for example Instagram, and/or Facebook. Social media addictions can make us feel low self-esteem, depression, hyperactivity, and lacking at attention to others around us. Feeling depressed, hyperactivity, and lacking attention can cause us to become more addicted to social media. For example, social media can cause a big issue as an addiction because this can be effective to other types of addiction such as drugs, or alcohol.

Photo Credit: Edmund Murphy

 Social media addictions symptoms can be any of the following:

  • Feeling uncomfortable when there is no internet, and slower than usual.
  • Checking social media platforms from first thing in the morning to last thing at night.
  • Using social media while walking or talking to others.
  • Using social media while driving.
  • When to communicate with friends and family through social media platforms than face-to-face.
  • Feeling the need to post every hour.
  • Feeling down if you don’t get enough likes, views and/or comments.

There are so many addictions out there in the world, at least some people have been through addiction from drugs, alcohol, video games, and even shopping. All these have been stated that these types of addictions have been struggled to other people because they are addicted to and don’t know how to stop this addiction. Have you ever been through an addiction? Have you ever been addicted to social media?

Social media causes a bit of an impact in addiction by stress, self-esteem, and social anxiety. Everybody has stress, self-esteem, and social anxiety because having these types of social media addictions can cause mental issues. Some mental issues can be depression, anxiety, loneliness, self-harm, and/or even suicidal thoughts. How do you feel about social media addiction?

Photo Credit: Antonio Guillem

How do you know if you have social media addiction? As there is no medication, no doctor that can help with this addictions.

The following shows what type of symptoms if you have a social media addiction:

  • More useage of social media than needed.
  • Problems in relastionship because of social media.
  • Social media affecting your ability to function, and work.
  • Cutting back on activites, and/or meeting with friends/family to use social media instead.
  • Impacts your physical and mental health.
  • Using them in situations that can be dangerous such as driving.
  • Reducing real-world sitiuations.

These can confuse us as we are not use to cutting back on social media and helping ourself, especially our mental and physical health. Having to know about these types of symptoms that social media can cause an addiction, as I have been addicted to social media. I have never let it go to far that I need to cut back for my mental and physical health, as I take time off my phone to focus on other important subjects I have to do. Not everything around us we need our phone for…

For example, having time away from my phone gives me time to excise, have personal time, go for walks with my dogs, and meet my friends/family. I’ve seen many people that would have conversations with their phone because they are so attached. Other times, I’ve noticed that some people can be bullied through any social media platform! When they people get bullied so much it can put a toll on that specific person to cause self-harm, and suicidal thoughts. Social media has always had positive and negative to being in our lives. Having social media as an addiction, everybody has been through it once at least or some type of addiction. An addiction is like smoking, or having an alcohol problem, It’s something that we have to fight through. We never really realize that we are being addiction to something unless, they have been noticed by someone and/or you realize you are doing too much of something that is addicting for yourself. Have you been addicted to social media, or another type of addiction?

Life Before and After Social Media

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to my blog, today I thought about how the world was before and after social media. Before I start what do you think? What do you know about the world before and after social media? How did this affect others? Let’s start with the begging, during the time when social media wasn’t around everyone got to socialize physically with others. The time before social media you probably had more time for sleep, time, and health issues. For example, “Some people say that life was better before social media because it was easier for us as kids to go outside, play sports, or hang out with friends without feeling like we needed an excuse first.” This quote shows how kids were before social media came to the world.

During the time that social media got introduced others started to get easily attached to the new social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter. This had a big impact on so many people as this was the start of how others could communicate, share information such as the news, and/or create web content. Social media got introduced as a new way to be communicating to others, no there is about “3.8 billion people in the world that uses social media daily.” When social media got developed and introduced to the world as a new way to interact with family, friends, and customers. This has an impact on everyone, especially today because now it has been very easy for others to connect and share information with anyone.

Social media today has grown so much throughout the years as this has become an easy way to connect with people, such as virtual meetings through zoom, or google classroom to messaging and/or emailing each other. Types of social media others have used were photo-sharing, blogging, gaming, business networks, and/or virtual worlds. During this time everyone had the opportunity to learn and understand how the world works with social media, for example working from home, to working at school has also had a big impact on how we share and learn through electronic devices. These can be beneficial to us as we know what is happening in the world, to connect with each other with long-distance friends and family.

Social media has changed so much over the years it is crazy. Social media will forever be useful for everyone as these social media platforms gives a chance to others to meet other people with long distance, it is user friendly design, help find jobs, and these are just a few social media benefits that have helped the world. Social media has given us a chance at to interact and communicate with others. What do you think? Would you enjoy the before and after social media? In my opinion I enjoy social media afterwards because I find there is a lot of benefit to having access with social media platforms such as looking for jobs, working from home, sharing photos to friends and family and even shopping online. Please let me know what you think.

Do You Prefer Using A Certain Social Media Platform – COM0011

Hello everyone!

Welcome to my first blog! My name is Emma and today I started thinking about social media platforms. Why are social media applications such a big hit around the world? What is your preferred social media platform? In my opinion all social media platforms are popular all around the world, however to myself my top social media platform is Instagram. I use Instagram daily by either creating content, to following the top news, to even look at what is trending that certain week. I prefer using Instagram than any other social media platform because Instagram has many features, updates, and can easily navigate for any new user.

Instagram has been known to be a very friendly to new users than any other social media platform such as Facebook and/or Twitter. Instagram has overtaken Facebook or/and any other social media platforms because Instagram has always been always the top trending social media platform. This has always been a positive place, message built-in, and has a better place for brands and/or company’s. Instagram has always been the top social media platform as some of these points have been introduced. Instagram has been one of the top trending platforms because Instagram has been with us from day one. Since Instagram has been with all of us, while other social media platforms have been trying to work on their type of platforms. They are never going to be a good as Instagram! What do you think? Do you think Instagram has been one of the top social media platforms?

Image by Chloe Bird – 2021

What if I ask you about your favorite/most used social media platforms, what would you say? Instagram? TikTok? Facebook? There are so many different types of platforms that billions of people could use. Some people could go with Instagram more than TikTok. Some would go to Facebook more than Instagram. Everyone reading this post might start thinking about what their top used social media platform would be, or maybe you don’t know about your most used social media. Do you have a social media platform preference? Why would that be your most top used social media platform?

Instagram has evolved throughout the years and has many effects to a lot of people as this social media platform is very popular from the beginning. These can go from easily to sharing photos with others, to having Instagram allows business to have their own account. These are just a few easy hacks Instagram has made this type of social media platform easy for new people. I enjoy social media and of course Instagram as this is my top platform to use.

Instagram is a fun place to share photos, videos, and/or stories to your friends! During this time now, users get to create content for followers, get to share products that that creator really enjoy. This gives the content creator ideas to give their followers to check out certain products and/or certain places to check out. It could be a clothing/makeup outlet place, or it could be a café to try different drink and/or treat. Instagram has made me choose to use this application on a daily basis as I use it this social media platform for many things. Do you use Instagram daily?