How social media might of caused your breakup… Blog #3

Once upon a time, calling each others house line’s at midnight and writing letters was the oh-so sweet way to contact your loved one’s. Now, you can open your phone and track their every move. I will not lie, social media has driven me mad. I can openly admit, I have become the crazy girlfriend.

Jealousy: Have you ever asked yourself “why did he follow her?” or “why did she like his picture”, Instagram and Twitter are very transparent in the sense that you can see who everyone follows, who likes each others pictures etc. This creates such a strain on relationships that they usually are more likely to fail. Without the use of social media, I believe that relationships would focus less on jealousy and more on caring for the other individual.

Unfaithfulness: The use of social media and the influence it has on us, can lead one to unfaithfulness. It’s easier than ever to message someone you find attractive and maybe meet up with and keep it a secret. The temptation is there. I honestly doubt there would be as many situations where the boyfriend or girlfriend is lying about who they talk to or who they have feelings for, without the excessive use of social media.

Have you ever found yourself lurking some hotty’s profile and thinking “I could keep this lowkey?” whilst being in a relationship?


Social Media and Relationships

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Youtube As An Income…? Blog #2

We all know how easy it is to sink deep into the realm of YouTube out of pure boredom. one minute you’re watching makeup reviews and blogs, the next minute you’re watching compilations of “Cats getting scared by cucumbers”. Once upon a time (when YouTube was new), the website was just compiled of funny videos here and there, music videos and obviously – weird people saying some weird stuff. But now, in 2018, YouTube is a career for many people. The top 1000 YouTuber channels makes 23,000$ PER VIDEO. Yes, you read that correctly, 23,000 dollars just in advertisements on their video.

Now you’re probably thinking “I’m quitting my job and making a youtube channel”, but this type of success does not come easy, and surely doesn’t happen over night. YouTubers like “The ACE Family” or Tana Mongeau, started their channels just for the fun of it. As these channels became more recognized, gaining 10k or more views per video, Youtube Monetized their channels and thats when the money started rolling in. Popular channels and Youtuber’s have managers and a team, helping them market their videos just right, enticing people with just the title of the video. That’s when clickbait steps in. Tana Mongeau the clickbait queen, markets her videos on twitter and snapchat saying “you have to watch my next video guys, I talk about the time i was kidnapped by an Uber driver – with live footage!”. Silly me, I get so excited for these “story-times”, i click on the video only to be let down, the Uber driver took a wrong turn. But just by me clicking that video and watching most of it, that Youtuber gets paid.

uber-driver-drives-over-pothole-uber-driver-sorry-about-that-14852417 Popular Youtubers like the ones mentioned above, have created an empire, with millions of views per video and millions of subscribers. Aside from Youtube, there is paid sponsorships and advertisements done by the Youtuber themselves, generating more revenue. How fun would it be to make 20 thousand dollars per video that you post, literally talking about your life, makeup, how-to’s and DIY’s…or maybe cats getting scared by cucumbers? Do you think you could be a top Youtuber?

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