Social Listening and Monitoring Tools

accounting-apps-bookkeeper-business-273691Social listening and monitoring are very important for companies. It allows them to monitor how well they are performing online. Being able to perform well means you are building trust with your audience; this helps build your brand and reputation.

I worked briefly with a start up marketing agency, there I used two difference monitoring tools that I liked best over anything else.

SalesForce Social Studio:

This one is like Hootsuite if you have ever used it before. I prefer this tool over Hootsuite though because I find it has more customization tools and allows for a deeper look at your statistics. You can place all your social media accounts into one dashboard for easy monitoring.

With Social Studio you can not only monitor your own statistics, but you can look at how your competition is doing as well. You can customize all your reports so if you only wanted to see KPI’s you can instead of having to sort through all the information. Something like this is important especially at the beginning stages for a company who are trying to build their brand and trust with an online audience.


BrandWatch is a tool that is specific to social listening, you don’t have a place to monitor your full account. You can build reports that monitor specific topics or trends. You can search hashtags or company names and the program will pull all its data from the everywhere on the internet from Google to Twitter to Instagram, etc. It breaks all the data down from where in the world the post was created to whether it has a positive or negative affect with its audience. This is great for companies just starting out, they can get a more in-depth look at how the world is responding to them instead of just what is happening on their own accounts, it will show is anyone has ever mentioned them but not tag them.


I rely a lot on my social media accounts for my news updates. I am on the them every day and I know if its something important it will show up in my news feed. I am a celebrity news junky, so I do follow a few entertainment news accounts get real-time updates. I also watch YouTube videos, searching for the top trending stories to watch every night.

I have used Google Alerts in the past, I do like getting the most updates news from them. I tend to only them though when things like the Olympics are happening so I can always be informed about what is going on.

COM0014: Blog 7 – Personal Reflection

After working my way through this course, I definitely learned a lot about the importance of story telling. Being able to tell a story is more than just putting words on paper or in a blog, it’s also about creating that connection with your audience through your words.

When you are creating digital content, it is especially important to be able to tell a story because you want your audience to keep coming back and you are using your stories to continually connect with others. In the digital world your words are really all you have, sure you can show pictures, but you don’t have the ability to create that in-person connection most other careers allow for. So, you need to make sure that each one of you words holds meaning.

Through my own social media platforms, I want to be able to tell the story of my life. I think every one has their own unique story to tell and unique perspective view of the world and I want to be to show mine through my pictures and words.

All in all I truly enjoyed this course and everything it taught me. What about you?


COM0014: Blog #6 -Do People Know Your Story

What Choices Have You Made That You Regret?

Honestly there are not a lot of moments in my life that I can say I regret. I am of the mindset that everything is a learning experience. However, this one moment, if I could go back and change it I would.

I am going to start this off with, I lived a sheltered life. I had very strict parents so I wasn’t able  to go out and socialize like they rest of my friends. All I wanted was to be able to go out and have freedom like them.

When I graduated high school I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, what I wanted to study in college. So against my parents wishes I took a year off school and worked. I fell into a not so great crowd and this is where I feel things started to fall apart. Feeling this sense of new found freedom, I started sneaking out of the house, and lying to my parents about what I was doing and who I was with. When the year was up and I had to go back to school I decided to take this freedom one step farther and move away for college. I thought there was no way they could tell me what to do if they didn’t live near me. So I picked the first college that came to mind and I chose the first business course that would take me.

When I got to college I didn’t take it seriously at all. I never went to class and barely managed to hand in assignment on time. After my third semester my grades were so low that the school kicked me out of the program. I didn’t think schools could actually do it, turns out I was very wrong.

I ended up moving back home and got a job working full time. This was seven years ago and I am finally now getting my life together. I went back to school and got a better paying job.

I regret not taking school seriously the first time around. I also regret not going to college right out of high school, sometimes I wonder how my life would be right now if I made different choices. But it’s all a learning experience right?

COM0014: Blog #5 – Personal Brand

I would classify my personal brand, in term of social media, in the lifestyle category. I enjoy posting about my every day life, and current event happening in my city.

image1I feel my profiles are very true to who I am in real life and that makes me standout from everyone else. I am not trying to fake it or being someone else to get people to like me. Now a days, especially in the social media world, many people try to just post what they think everyone wants to see and just try to gain as many likes and follows as possible, under the assumption that this is their personal brand and it is “lifestyle”. I post content that I like and hope everyone else will too.

I recently started using the Insta-stories and Facebook stories to help grow my following a little more. The concept of using stories has really grown over the last year and followers seem to the love the real time footage. For the most part the stories feature only lets you post content from the last 24hrs, this is one of the reasons it does so well because the follower knows its not something from say 4 months ago you are trying to fake as happening now. It’s not something you can plan out the same way you do other content.

Everyone always says I have an energetic and enthusiastic type of personality and I try to show that in my profiles.

What kind of personal brand do you have?

COM0014: Blog #4 – B2C Case Study

A brand that I think does really well with using social media to their advantage is Wendy’s, the fast food chain.

They make sure they are putting out quality content, which for a food company isn’t always easy. They make sure they are mixing their posts up between posting promos and ads for their products and general posts the relate to their brand. They also do a good amount of retweeting from their followers that are tagging them in posts.

The company is consistently responding to those messaging them. They also give more than a generic corporate response.


Wendy’s interacting with their audience

They respond with personality and a way that not only engages the person they are responding too but also anyone reading. More than once that have had conversations with the audience go viral because of their responses. They person behind the computer for them, running their social media has been able to find that perfect balance of sarcasm and professionalism that most cannot find.

Wendy’s not only engages with consumers but also other companies. Really anyone that is mentioning them, they are responding too. This is something I think is important for a company. Interacting with your audience is important regardless of who the audience involves.

I feel Wendy’s presence on social media is one if the best for a fast food company.

COM0014: Blog #3 – Target Audience

The craft beer industry has really blown up over the last couple of years.

craft-beer-definition-social-640x334[1]When you think of target audiences for craft beer, you think the obvious target would be beer drinkers in general. But actually most beer drinkers don’t like craft beer that much. The majority of craft beer drinkers are millennials. The majority of drinkers also happen to be men, women are truly underrepresented in the area. However, those women that do drink craft beer tend to be avid drinkers of it. They also are in the lower-middle class.

Knowing this can change the way someone would communicate with the audience. You want to use language that the audience is going to understand. You would want to use key words or buzz words that would catch their attention. What would catch the attention of an older demographic is not likely to have the same effect with millennials. For example, Molson has a can that changes colour when its cold, its advertisements showcase it and that works well with most demographics because who doesn’t want a cold beer? But with millennials they are much most about visuals and uniqueness. This makes a brewery like Collective Arts popular. They uniquely designed cans specialty made for them.

When you know your audience, you will have a better understanding of what will work to get them to purchase or even just understand your message.




COM0014: Blog #2 – Storytelling

I think being able to tell a story with your writing is really important. It gives your words character. It’s what will keep people coming back to read more. A story gives your words meaning instead of just writing for the sake of writing.

abought-clipart-pencil-1[1].pngYou should make sure you are setting the right tone for your article right from the start. How you choose to phrase your words (Passive v. Active) can change a person impression of your entire article. If you sound to dismissive in your writing, people tend to believe you don’t care about the topic but on the other hand sometimes writing to passionately can come off as too aggressive.

primary_spellcheck_actual[1]You also want to make sure that you have proper grammar, spelling and punctuation. Poor grammar and punctuation can be a turn off for the reader. It can make your writing hard to understand, which mean your writing will lose clarity.

In our lesson it also speaks about keep the end in mind. I think this is very important, you want to know what your end will be because otherwise you are writing blindly. While you could still write a post without knowing your end, writing without knowing your end can lead to you losing the clarity of your writing and the conciseness of your article.

There are many ways to write a really good post and even more ways to write a really terrible one, the only way to find out what works for you is to practice, practice, practice.

These are my priorities in writing, what are yours?


COM0014 – Blog #1: What I did on my Vacation

I’m not someone who travels often, so when I had the opportunity to spend a couple of weeks in Europe with my best friend, I took it! We looked up tour groups and spent 18 days traveling from Dublin to London to Paris to Barcelona.

It all started with us spending two days in Dublin for St. Patrick’s Day. The entire city lights up in green the night before (known as the “Greening of Dublin”). Everyone dresses up and pubs don’t close. Its a giant party for a full 24 hours. It was the kind of day you have to experience to understand.


Jameson Distillery

While the holiday itself was reason enough to be in Dublin we also had a few more adventures we wanted before leaving the city. So the next day, exhausted from all of the events of St. Patrick’s Day we met with our tour group, piled into a bus and took off for the Guinness Beer Brewery and Jameson Distillery. Its a mark of honor to go to Dublin and learn the craft of properly pouring a pint of Guinness. They actually have a pouring class in the Brewery where you can get certified for it. After getting certified we hoped in a cab and took off for the Distillery to learn all about how whiskey is made. We ended the night at a pub watching someone traditional Irish dancing.

Ireland was busy and exhausting, but it was only the start of our trip. Next up was London where we tried to fit as many touristy excursions as we could into 3 days. There is so much to do in the city it is nearly impossible to do it all. We tried to do all the major one though, The Eye, Big Ben, The Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Abbey Road. After getting through those we wanted to hot some local places and spent a day shopping through flee markets.

Still on the high of everything we had experienced so far, we jumped in with another tour group and headed off to Paris. It was a place we had both visited when we were kids but seeing it as an adult was a whole different experience.


Top of the Arc de Triumph

We shopped on the Champs-Elysees, climbed to the top of the Arc de Triumph, had lunch beside the Eiffel Tower.  We partied with the locals and learned more French in those few days than we had the entire time in school.

The tour group left the city as quickly as we arrived. With Spain as our next destination we didn’t mind.

This would be our last stop before heading home. We wanted see as much of the culture and history of the city as we could. This met hitting all the major tourist spot and trying to do it all in one day. From Sagrada Famillia to Park Guel to the Gaudi apartments, we got to see it all.

This was a trip of a life time and I am so glad I got to do it with my best friend.


Its not okay for them but it is okay for us


Like most of the world right now I am obsessed with the Olympics. For the whole two weeks it is on it is all I watch. I days are planned out based on what sports I can watch that day, everything just revolves around them while they are on. As a Canadian I also love everything hockey. So having Olympic hockey is just the best thing ever to me. So watching all the articles come out about the Women’s Hockey team was a little heart breaking. Not because I sympathize with the girl but because I couldn’t believe someone representing Team Canada would act that way.


Source: Wikipedia

In January during the World Juniors Hockey Tournament, a member of the Sweden team tossed his medal into the stands after losing to the Canadian Team. This player was heavily criticized by everyone for doing so. All over media you could find articles and opinions stating that is was disrespectful to the game and the winning Canadian Team. If he didn’t want the metal he would have waited until the ceremony was over and do something with it than.

Fast forward to this week where the Canadian Women’s Team lost to the US Team. During the metal ceremony a Canadian player first refused her metal, but was than told she had to take it. Only to have her remove it during the anthem playing. Everyone on social media jumped to her defense saying that she was just caught up in the moment, she wasn’t being disrespectful. But didn’t she essentially just do what the Sweden player did?  The only difference I see is one was a kid, and the other a grown women.

If the roles were reversed, if an American player acted this way if we won, we would all have had the same reaction?

Shouldn’t we be expecting those representing Team Canada to hold the same level of respect as we want to receive?

facebook  : Its not okay for them but it is okay for us

twttr: Its not okay for them but it is okay for us

Having it all together or barely holding together?

Being in my mid twenties I am finding my friends and I are at a weird place in our lives. Half of us have it all together. Every time I log in to my social media someone else getting married, having babies, starting out their careers, knowing exactly what they want in life. Than there is the other half, who are normally to drunk to remember where they last put their phone.


Source: @scousebird via Twitter

With the increased popularity of all forms of social media, knowing everything your friends are up to is only a click away. Its hard not to compare what you are doing with what everyone you know is doing.


I have never really felt like I had it all together. I never new what I wanted in life. I look at these friends and think when did you decide what you wanted? I keep being asked “when are you going to get married?”, “when are you going to start having babies?”. Since when did society decide at what age you are suppose to be doing all of this? I can barely make ends meet how am I suppose to afford taking care of someone else? Eventually you start to feel the pressure that you aren’t doing enough with your life. Even parents are say ” well why aren’t you doing what __________ is doing?”

In high school you are suppose to be able to decide what career you want. The courses you take in high school dictate what options you have for courses you can take in college/university. That’s a lot of pressure and decision making to be placing on 16 year old. I think I changed my mind on a career choice at these a dozen times and not one of them is what I ultimately decided to do. Kids are taught that they are suppose to go to school, get married and have kids. That’s the way you live your life. But why should they be taught there is only one “right” way to live? Now a days you ultimately don’t even need to attend college/university to get a solid career.  In this article on Huffington Post they talk about some real reasons you don’t need schooling.

This year I learned to let go of all the pressure I put on myself and what I felt being placed on me. I learned to ignore what society is saying I should be doing at my age. It has made making decisions about my life that much easier when I don’t care if someone approves of my choices. Have you felt pressure from society or any one that you should be further along in your life?

facebook: Having it together or barely holding together?

twttr: #letthekidsbe