It’s the no vacation for me

Quarantine day like 2360 has me bored, bored again, and well bored. Being stuck at home was relaxing at the beginning when I thought it would be for a couple weeks. Now relaxing is a vacation going to the beach tanning, and having no worries.

Being stuck at home is well the total opposite. I mean I love being at home don’t get me wrong, but after a certain amount of days, weeks, and months I need to get out of the house. Nothing I don’t will be the same as it was. It isn’t the same anymore. Everyone wearing a mask, constantly washing your hands (Which should HAVE been an everyday thing before COVID-19). But I do like social distancing at home because well my fridge is more than six feet to my tv and they make everything better.

I just can’t wait till I can finally go on a vacation with my family where we don’t have to worry about anything. No mask, no virus, just peace and quiet and can sightsee and do what we want without restrictions. People are still travelling for essentials reason of course like work and school.

I read a blog on where and what todo if vacationing during a pandemic, and what it is like. I was provided with various links on places to rent like little vacation homes to social distance with family and others in my social circle, while limiting the risk of contact with others.

Can’t you not just wait to be able to go on a little get away? I can’t. I do love staying at home though. It is fun, keeping me and my family safe, getting to spend more time with family, exercising and running a lot more. Just not the greatest for a lot of peoples mental health and mental state being inside for numerous days. If only others stayed home and did their part and did the same as everyone else the pandemic would end a lot sooner and well we would all be getting tanned a lot quicker.

This was on my for you page on Twitter and I thought it was funny and beneficial to post on this blog. Go look at my twitter for more funny tweets to help you with this course @Twitter @AlgonquinBlogs

Since no one can go anywhere everyones besides the grocery store, their house, or the cottage. Everyone is getting really creative and trying to become bakers, artist, teachers (kids getting homeschooled, shall be a challenge for some), even tik tok famous. Go take a look at this video, make an account on YouTube to help with this course. @youtube #Ilovevideos

Dear COVID-19,

Please go away, and don’t ever come again not even another day.

No one likes you, you closed everything down.

You caused the spread and hurt the towns.

Stuck at home,

Cleaning it all.

Praying for everyone to stay safe now.

Golf, is not as easy as it looks

First time I ever went golfing was in grade 8 for a tournament, I sucked…. I recently started going this year with my friends and I have to say it is harder than it looks. I am not a bad golfer now after some practice LOL. If you have no patience and expect the ball to go super far when you first hit it, well might be a challenge for you my friend. Ever gone mini putting? Not even close to golf, way harder but almost the same amount as fun.

Golf is a fun sport, its a sport where you can have fun playing alone or even playing with a fore some (4 people). You tend to take longer in a bigger group depending on how good of a golfer you are, and if you are taking it seriously. The worst part about golf is probably when you lose a ball, especially if it goes into the water. Looking for them your not really supposed todo but you end up finding other balls anyways so pretty fair end of the deal. I love to talk so I always thought you couldn’t talk when you golf turns out you can, you just have to be “quiet” enough.

If you have never golfed before and have always wanted to try it out, here is a link that is the perfect way to get you started and on track to your career in golf. Have a great mindset and don’t give up when you don’t hit it the first couple of times, because you eventually will. Expecting to start out like Tiger woods, and Brooke Henderson is kind mindset just really hard to match.

This instagram account is great for tips when golfing, especially for a proper stance, that is a major key when golfing. “Golf is a game for everyone, and a game for patience”.

Give PGA Tour a follow to keep track of golf stars, upcoming tournaments to watch on tv and funny memes and post about well you guessed it GOLF.

I hope that after reading this you have changed your mind about golf and now want to go try it even if your not great at the begging reminder that practice makes perfect and even the greats had to practice a bunch before they became one of the best. Albert Einstein said “Keep doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Keeping that motivation golfing will help you become the next PGA golfer.

Let’s Taco ‘Bout Snapchat.

Before I start going on about Snapchat, you are probably asking yourself what is Snapchat? Well, it is a social media app that allows you to communicate with friends by sending pictures that are only there for a max of 10 seconds. You may now think well what is the point of that. You can also post a story which that is there for 24 hours. Be careful what you post you might be thinking which is a very good thing. But with Snapchat you can also see if someone screen shotted your picture for their own keeping.

Still confused about Snapchat, well be confused no more I have attached a link on how to use everything on this media platform . By reading this article I hope it gives you a better general idea on a different type of platform that you mat not be used to. If you don’t understand social media after doing this course I have a better understanding so you should do the same and take it as well or you can check out our blogs to find more information. @wordpress #AlgonquinCollege #SocialMedia

Snapchat has been around for 9 years, since September 16, 2011. I think I have had got it a year after the app was created. All my friends got it so I got it and now they call me the Snapchat Queen. They call me it because I know the app inside and out. Anytime there is an issue with there Snap they come to me. I have always wanted to work for them for over a little while now. I hope by after doing this course it will help me reach my goal to work for them and help make the company greater than it is.

Why is Snapchat so popular? Who knows…. #Celebrities #Selfies @snapchat

Test your wild side a take a new exciting ride and hop on to the Snapchat game.

Running through my brain

Have you ever wondered what it’s like being 20 and thinking about your future? Well I can for sure tell you that I definitely have.

The impact social media has on a young adult to finding a career is kinda crazy. It is crazy because you see all these posts about young people becoming famous. Making millions from doing nothing just from something becoming viral, like a dancing video or a makeup idea. As you can see in the Youtube video, it’s a channel of a famous celebrity as many people know James Charles from posting makeup tutorials. The power of the web is mind blowing.

That’s how it is now with social media, everybody knows everything. Trying to find a career pathway in social media where I can make money by working for it is difficult. Companies want people with experience and a great overall knowledge. That’s why I am hoping this course benefits me and helps me to try and reach my dream of working for a high end social media company.

Many people have heard about Snapchat. It has an estimated 46 million monthly active users in the United States. The monthly active users are mostly teens but there are also adult users. It’s a fun way to communicate with friends and share funny and embarrassing videos. I dream of working for a company like that at some point in the future. Celebrities use almost every social media handle. That is one way to promote a new company and/or product.

Kylie Jenner tweet getting reposted and published by thousands on twitter vs her on instagram getting way more likes and getting posted and republished by more users just from a different social media handle.

I hope to someday work for one of these companies and change the way they impact society.