COM0014 – Blog #3: Makeup and the Beauty of “Huda”

This is me Khadije Taha coming back to you on my 3rd blog, today I we are going to dive in the world of makeup industry and how its becoming a deal winning industry and a source of income worldwide. Taking the Iraqi Makeup Artist, blogger whom turned out to be a businesswoman “Huda Kattan” who owns the well-known makeup brand “HudaBeauty”.  Focusing on the smart strategies used by her to attract the targeted audience. She understood the game and was able to satisfy the needs of her audience.

A screenshot of HudaBeauty website

To begin with, it’s obvious that the demographic and psychographic characteristics for her target audiences are ladies who are trendy, able to afford getting her products and interested on makeup and “beauty”. She used a very smart way to grow her audience in the west and east by sharing the makeup video tutorials of different ladies of other social media influencers applying their makeup using her own brand. I think this undergoes of sharing the customer experience. Secondly, she used the strategy of having contest for the followers where the winners could get free makeup products. And guess how those contests are done! By mentioning some other friends to follow click and chick out the product X. Another thing is that se responds to most of her audience questions and inquires, which would defiantly build a strong respectful relationship. In the middle of those commercial posts you could see the some family/personal-life related posts just to avoid being salesy.

Lastly, you may visit her on tweetdeck, and lets see if we share the same thoughts. OR if you have some other examples I would love to hear about them.

COM0014 – Blog #2: The “art” of getting connected

Hello everyone, this is Khadije Taha speaking to all of you on my second blog, today we will be spotlighting the “art” of digital storytelling, what to keep on mind, how its done and how to ensure the interactive mode with your audience.

Archived photo from

First, I would like to point out some important gimps about this topic. We always say “think it before you ink it” so as a s a digital content writer you definitely need to know the purpose of your writing and would it cover the needs of the target audience this is how you reach out to them and get the eco back from them. Because use eventually you are writing to them.

Secondly, writing on the digital world is so challenging because you need to maintain the simple way of writing as if you are telling a twelve years old gown up but on the same time you don’t want to seem shallow. How to do that? By using easy to understand words, keeping the ideas well connected by maintain the flow between the written pieces and providing new information. Keep in mind that not all people have the same mindset that’s why you need to ensure the validity of your written piece of news to all people.

Lastly, you need to make sure that there is some space for your readers to interact with you by leaving a commenting box. And your content is technically is sharable by allowing them and asking them to share your content if the find it useful. In addition to include the appropriate related video/photo material, which will defiantly improve the interaction with your audience.

That’s is for todays post, I would love to know about your experience in the online world.

COM0014 – Blog#1: My last Vacation – KhadijeTaha

My skydiving moment

Hello everyone, this is Khadije Taha speaking to you on my first but not last blog for the course of Digital Communication. Today I will be telling you about my last super exciting one-week vacation, which took place last January in Qatar.

My video blog

My best friend Nouf was waiting for me at the airport to pick me up to the hotel, I stayed at Millennium plaza hotel, which is located in the heart of Doha city the capital of Qatar.

My friends and I decided to spend the first day at Katara Cultural village, which is one of the most famous touristic attractions in Qatar, located in Doha exactly next to the beach, where you could see a number of buildings were built on the old traditional Qatari style, all forming around a huge open air amphitheater, that hosts national and international live concerts and artistic shows. We visited couple of art exhibitions for different artists. After that we went to the beach to experience the amazing activities happening on Kataras beach so the best choice on a sunny day was to rented water Jet Ski and enjoy the speed and seawater splashes.

Souq Wakif in (Doha, Qatar)
Photo from: TripAdvisor

The next day we wanted to try something different which was visiting Souq Wakef, which is the oldest Souq in Qatar its actually more than 100 years old, later it was renovated to contain many cafes, gift shops, jewelry shops, traditional Qatari home equipment, traditional Qatari fashion shops and a lot of shops that sells spices and nuts it reminded me of Bulk Barn store her in Ottawa.

I and a certified skydiver

The third day was the day that I have been waiting for too long; skydiving was something beyond my depth to do. However, I took my decision and went over with my friends to Al Khor airport in the east coast of Qatar. The crew over there gave us some instructions in the beginning and then we took the plane and flew almost 1200 feet above the ground. Once I jumped out of the plane with a certified skydiver I holed my breath and screamed with my full energy, it was incredibly fascinating to see the skyline of Qatar. I was tickled to death with this experience; I honestly would love to skydive again in Ottawa.

That was all about my super exciting vacation, I hope you enjoyed it, I would love to hear your comments. I’ll make sure to provide you with the links along with my blog for the places that I visited in case you may want to explore more about this beautiful country.

Bye for now.


  1. Katara Cultural Village.
  2. Souq Waqif.