Social media have helped save veterans from suicide


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I  often heard about the dark sides of social media like addiction, privacy, cyber-bullying and many more. Lately, I tried to find out what are the good things social media have brought into my life. then I remembered that Facebook helps saves the lives of veterans from suicide. Veteran committing suicide is something that affects me a lot because my best friend who lost one of his legs during a deployment killed himself when I was deployed in Afghanistan and I felt so powerless at that time. In Canada, we lost more soldiers from suicide than from the Afghan combat.

Suicidal post on Facebook

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Last fall while I was in England, I saw a troubling post on my Facebook feed. One of my friends I served with in Afghanistan post a goodbye message on Facebook. I felt powerless at that moment because I was too far to go check on him. Then the power of social networks changed my friend’s life, other brothers in arms saw the post and one of them knew where he lives.  He went to his house right away and found him unconscious (he had tried to kill itself a medication overdose) After a few days in the hospital my friend had fully recovered from the overdose. So that night Facebook helped to save his life.

Veterans groups on Facebook


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In 2011 a well known Vandoos (Vandoos is how members of the Royal 22 Regiment are called by anglophones) Alain Lacasse committed suicide, everyone was surprised and one of his old friends decided that we have lost too many brothers from suicide and created a Facebook page to help veterans. Later, when I talked with him, he told me that they often received private messages from distress veterans who were about to commit suicide and found ways to send them help.

Report suicidal thoughts on Facebook


Have you ever thought about what you should do if you see a suicidal thought on Facebook or other social networks?  Check on this article from CNET to learn how to report a suicidal thought to Facebook.Even if you’re not sure if the person is going to act, don’t take any chances and report it.

Have you ever seen a suicidal post on social media? What have you done about it ? 


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How to grow Instagram for your business


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Like you already known I’m working with my wife to develop her network marketing business on social media. I’m currently putting most of my effort to develop her Instagram profile. I’ve been using the most common advice to have more engagement on her account like: posting frequently, using hashtags related to her niche, using the follow and unfollow technique, etc. At first it was working well her page went from 50 followers to 500 in a little more than one month but since a few weeks it stops growing and I was wondering what I was doing wrong so I start searching about it.

It’s all about interacting with others.


I read a lot and watched many videos about getting more engagement on Instagram and I realized something. I was more concern about the number of followers that the interactions I had with them. What’s worth having 50k followers if you never interact with them? It’s more important to have followers that are truly interested in your brand and will like or share your post, write comments and discuss about your brand.  Then I found about Gary Vaynerchuck and his 1,80$ Strategy.

 Gary Vaynerchuk 1,80$ Strategy


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Gary Vaynerchuk is a reference when it comes to digital marketing. After being asked frequently from his audience how to grow Instagram for their business he proposed this simple strategy. The 1,80$ strategy has nothing to do with money, it’s only about being social. It is a strategy to interact with people that have the same interest as you. The strategy is very simple and effective you need to leave your 2 cents nine times on the 9 most popular posts from 10 different hashtags related to your brand for a total of 1,80$ worth of thought.

Step 1: Find the best hashtags related to your brand


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The first thing you need to do is to find the 10 most important hashtags in your field. To help you, you can use a specialized website to find them like: Tagsfinder, Hashtagify or Hashtagsforlikes.

Step 2: Leave you comments


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Now you need to post comments on the 9 most with the most views and likes and each of the 10 hashtags you chose. This is the time to be helpful and creative, if you do like the others and post an emoji or something like: nice picture, you’re not adding value at all. If someone has written a question answering them will add a lot of value to the post and the audience will see you as a nice person. Say something nice, valuable or helpful and will you get results.

Step 3 Continue to like, comment and engage


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It’s a very simple process and the numbers will make the difference. But to get result you need to do it everyday because most people only comment a couple of time everyday. By consistently engaging the community it will also build a trust relationship and the community will go check your profiles by themselves. In the end what you want to do is give without expecting anything in return. This is something we should always be doing in our live to have success and not only on social media.

And you, do you have difficulty growing your Instagram profile for Business? If yes, what changes did you do ?

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How to be successful in MLM on social media


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What is multi level marketing (MLM)

MLM stands for multi-level marketing and is often called Network Marketing. MLM is a type of marketing that use non-employee to promote and sell their products. In MLM compagnies the ambassador is paid a percentage in commissions for every product they sell.

Chose your a business that represent you

Before starting in multi level marketing it’s important to choose the right company for you. They’re hundreds of different companies out they’re not all suit for you. You should learn about the founders and why did they start that businesses and what are their goals and valor’s. You also need to find a company that sells products or services that you believe in.I will use the business my wife chooses as an example. When she decided to join Younique the main reason was the foundation named Defend Innocence they started to help abused women’s and children. She also like how they help their ambassadors to gain self confidence and the friendship between the ambassador’s. To be honest when she decided to join, I didn’t believe that much in that company, but it all changed last summer when I attend their annual convention with her. During that weekend my opinion of Younique changed, I was so surprised to see the sisterhood between the ambassador’s and how the company values them.

Don’t be that person.

The worst mistake you can do when you are starting to promote your new business is to spam your friends on your personal social media account Sadly, a lot of Team leader tells their new prospects to do that, for sure you can post a few times on your social media account to let them know that you just started a new project but please be reasonable. Some of them will probably try your products, but most of them will not and it’s OK like that. Remember, they’re your friends, not your client. Last summer I attended a conference from Eric Worre and he said this: More than 80% of your prospects will be persons that you didn’t know before starting network marketing.

Stop Selling

It’s sure that your main goal is selling your products, but first you need to build a relationship with your prospects and in the end, they will buy from you because they trust you. Show them how your new business and your products have changed your life. Instead of posting pictures of your products post about your family, your vacations and your daily activities. You should post 80-90% of the time about you and your lifestyle and the rest about your products and your opportunity.

Grow your social network everyday

This is by far the most important skill if you want to have success in network marketing. You need to build new relations every single day. One of the ways to do this is to be active in forums, comments on blog articles, Facebook pages. After your first contacts with somebody you want to start chatting with them in private message and to NEVER stop that conversation.

You’re already are spending time on social media

According to Broadbandsearch we spend on average 144 minutes on social media every day and some have decided to use that time on social media to earn money. Either if you want to make a couple of hundred dollars every month or make a living of it, now you know that it is truly possible to achieve

And you, have you ever thought joining an MLM to earn extra money? Do you have friends or a member of your family that are already doing it?

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Why you need to use Social Media for your Network Marketing Business

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In the last years network marketing micro-businesses opportunities became more popular. There are many reasons that could make you start your network marketing business. It does not mater what was your reason for starting but if you want your business to grow fast you need to start using Social Media if you’re not already using them.

You can work at anytime from anywhere

If you only work with people in person you will be limited with their schedules because most of them work during daytime and will be only available during the evenings and weekends and this is probably the time you want to have fun and not be working. Using social media for your network marketing business is a must for those who want to become digital nomad. The best example I can give you is my wife. Last year we visited more than a dozen different countries and she could work in all of them. All what she needed was her cell phone and an internet connection.

You can reach people from different countries and create unlimited opportunities.

Let’s use again my wife’s example. She is an ambassador of the Younique brand. Younique is an MLM (multi-level marketing) company that produce and distribute make up and skin care products. Younique is currently selling its products in over 10 countries and without social media she could only interact with people from the place we are at and that is only if we are in a country that is a member of Younique.

I know that meeting your clients or prospects in real person is very important, but you must agree that using social media should be a part of any network marketer plan if he wants is business to grow fast.

Have you ever thought about becoming a Digital Nomad and being able to discover the world while working?

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