Strong and Weak Organizations

When launching a new social media marketing campaign, organizations must consider some important elements that are common to every successful social media campaign like being true to their brand, using a different strategy for each platform and originality. Let me show you two successful campaigns and one that didn’t have a lot of success.

Coors Light: Could use a beer campaign

Image from ProjectDigital

Who doesn’t want free beer? Coors Light decided to give free 6 packs to some clients who had bought one and post a Tweet saying why they needed a beer. The timing of this campaign was perfect, with the Covid-19 pandemic a lot of people needed to decompress, and their audience felt the campaign was directed to them.

Casper: Sleep Channel

Image from Oberlo

Casper mattress have created a unique playlist to help its costumers sleep better. The playlist contains meditations, relaxing sounds, and bedtime stories. By doing this original campaign Casper gave value to their audience that have resulted in sales.

Delta Airline: Giraffe for Ghana

Image from Buzzfeednews

It’s crazy how an error as simple as not doing a google research can ruin a social media campaign. During the 2014 World Cup when team USA won against team Ghana, Delta Airline used a giraffe image to represent Ghana and the Statue of Liberty for USA. The problem is that the person in charge of social media for Delta airline didn’t knew that there are no giraffe in Ghana.

What are the best and worst social media you have seen?

Nomad and minimalist

Image from quitminimal

As some of you already know, since 2018 me and my family have become nomad and since then I have learned to appreciate experiences rather than things. Being nomad doesn’t mean you have to become minimalist, but you will learn that having more material won’t make you happier.

My Target audience

Image from easyaffiliate

The audience I would try to reach when writing about minimalist will not be gender specific or for a certain age range. I will for sure try to reach people already interested in minimalism, but also: digital nomad, travellers’ people who are looking to change their lifestyle. I also found an article from EUROMONITOR INTERNATIONAL saying that the best ways to target minimalist seekers is to: write about sustainability and community. They also wrote that minimalist is not looking for the cheapest items, but things that will last longer even if it’s more expensive. Another important thing will be to focus on building a trust relationship with the audience because they tend to think more before deciding to buy something.


Image from Techwyse

The primary tool I will use is a blog and I would use other social media platform as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to promote the newest post. Another thing I would use is e-mail marketing to create a long-term relation with my audience.

Here is the like of one of my favorite minimalist websites, they also made to documentary that are available to watch on Netflix

Storytelling and Communication Styles

This week I have learned that Storytelling, using the good communication style and encouraging interaction my our audience are three important things to be a good digital communicator.


Image from martechadvisor

Since our childhood we have been used to hear stories and even as adult we still like it. This is why I think storytelling is one of the most important things in a social media strategy. One of the reasons why our audiences use social media is to be entertained and to create or maintain their relationship. So, if we only focus on selling or getting likes, shares, and comments we are not getting full value from our social media platforms. It does not matter what your story is about, you just need share it with your audience.

Communication styles

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This is probably the biggest challenge for me because English is not my first language. I must be very careful to use the active writing style and to check my spelling and punctuation. What I do every time I write an article or post is using an online tool to check and I always read my text at least 2 time.

Encouraging interaction

Image From Socialmediaweek

There are different ways to encourage Interaction, it can be by asking questions, doing surveys, quizzes or by simply asking your audience to share your content. I think that asking your audience to interact with your social media account, it tells them that their opinion count for you or your business.

COM0014 – Blog #1 When we needed a break from travelling

I am sure that you might think it is weird to take a break from travelling, but I am sure you will understand after I will have explained our lifestyle since the summer of 2018.

In the ferry from Playa Del Carmen to Cozumel island

Becoming nomads

In June 2018 me and my wife decided to sell everything we own and travel the world with our son Fred and only one backpack each. The first year we visited more than a dozen countries in Southeast Asia and Europe. The second year we had planned to visit Mexico and the United States, but when we were visiting the United States, we had to come back to Canada because of a pandemic named Covid-19 you might have heard of. When we were in Mexico, we decided to spend 8 days in an All-inclusive Resort on the island of Cozumel. Since we were used to living in Guesthouse or Hostel since for more than a year being in an all inclusive was like a vacation for us, so we told our blog followers that we took a vacation from travelling.

Resort life

We had a great time in the Resort even if it was not the most luxurious resort, we had more comfort than we were used to have in Guesthouses. We spend most of the time in the pool and had a blast participating in the crazy games organized by the Geo like the belly splash flop content (which I did not won) and a pool water balloons war. My son Fred tried for the first-time scuba diving in the pool and was very happy to have a French speaking teacher. We also like spending time at the amazing beach and spent hours snorkeling.

The resort beach
Pool water balloons war
Fred first experience with scuba diving

Sadly, after our eight days in Cozumel we had to back our backpackers travelling lifestyle (just kidding, we know that we are privileged to live the lifestyle we always dreamed of and enjoy every second of it.)

And you were your last vacation?  If you had the choice and unlimited budget what would be your next vacation destination?

What is this blog about

I’m 34 years old French Canadian and since June 2018 with my wife and 11 years old son I’m living as Nomad around the world. The two main subjects I will talk about on this blog is nomad lifestyle and healing PTSD through sports.

Nomad Lifestyle


The first part of my blog will be about nomad lifestyle. In June 2018 we have decided to sell everything we had to live our dream of traveling around the world while homeschooling our son. We wanted to do that for a long time and in June 2018 we did the big move. Since we left, we have visited more than a dozen different countries in 3 continents. Becoming nomads forced us to become more minimalist because we are living out of our backpacks since we left. We learned to be happy with the small quantity of material belonging we can carry in our backpacks.

Combat Veteran


The other thing I will talk about is my soldier background and my battle against PTSD. I served 10 years in the Royal 22 Regiment as an infantry soldier. In 2007-2008 I was deployed in Afghanistan as a machine gunner for an almost 8-month deployment. That experience was probably one of the best experiences in my life, but the memories from that deployment started to haunt after my return to Canada After my return from Afghanistan I wasn’t’ the same and I took me years to admit it and seek for help and then I was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and received a great mental health therapy. Now, 12 years after my return from Afghanistan I learned how they deal with PTSD and the best medication I found is sport and particularly running.

Social media have helped save veterans from suicide


Image found on

I  often heard about the dark sides of social media like addiction, privacy, cyber-bullying and many more. Lately, I tried to find out what are the good things social media have brought into my life. then I remembered that Facebook helps saves the lives of veterans from suicide. Veteran committing suicide is something that affects me a lot because my best friend who lost one of his legs during a deployment killed himself when I was deployed in Afghanistan and I felt so powerless at that time. In Canada, we lost more soldiers from suicide than from the Afghan combat.

Suicidal post on Facebook

téléchargement (3).jpg

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Last fall while I was in England, I saw a troubling post on my Facebook feed. One of my friends I served with in Afghanistan post a goodbye message on Facebook. I felt powerless at that moment because I was too far to go check on him. Then the power of social networks changed my friend’s life, other brothers in arms saw the post and one of them knew where he lives.  He went to his house right away and found him unconscious (he had tried to kill itself a medication overdose) After a few days in the hospital my friend had fully recovered from the overdose. So that night Facebook helped to save his life.

Veterans groups on Facebook


A picture of corporal Alain Lacasse during his deployment is Afghanistan in 2007. Image found on

In 2011 a well known Vandoos (Vandoos is how members of the Royal 22 Regiment are called by anglophones) Alain Lacasse committed suicide, everyone was surprised and one of his old friends decided that we have lost too many brothers from suicide and created a Facebook page to help veterans. Later, when I talked with him, he told me that they often received private messages from distress veterans who were about to commit suicide and found ways to send them help.

Report suicidal thoughts on Facebook


Have you ever thought about what you should do if you see a suicidal thought on Facebook or other social networks?  Check on this article from CNET to learn how to report a suicidal thought to Facebook.Even if you’re not sure if the person is going to act, don’t take any chances and report it.

Have you ever seen a suicidal post on social media? What have you done about it ? 


Facebook: Read this new post to know how social media have helped save veterans.

Twitter:  Social media have saved combat veterans. #combatvet