Strong and Weak Organizations

When launching a new social media marketing campaign, organizations must consider some important elements that are common to every successful social media campaign like being true to their brand, using a different strategy for each platform and originality. Let me show you two successful campaigns and one that didn’t have a lot of success.

Coors Light: Could use a beer campaign

Image from ProjectDigital

Who doesn’t want free beer? Coors Light decided to give free 6 packs to some clients who had bought one and post a Tweet saying why they needed a beer. The timing of this campaign was perfect, with the Covid-19 pandemic a lot of people needed to decompress, and their audience felt the campaign was directed to them.

Casper: Sleep Channel

Image from Oberlo

Casper mattress have created a unique playlist to help its costumers sleep better. The playlist contains meditations, relaxing sounds, and bedtime stories. By doing this original campaign Casper gave value to their audience that have resulted in sales.

Delta Airline: Giraffe for Ghana

Image from Buzzfeednews

It’s crazy how an error as simple as not doing a google research can ruin a social media campaign. During the 2014 World Cup when team USA won against team Ghana, Delta Airline used a giraffe image to represent Ghana and the Statue of Liberty for USA. The problem is that the person in charge of social media for Delta airline didn’t knew that there are no giraffe in Ghana.

What are the best and worst social media you have seen?

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