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The Power of Social Media

One of the biggest outcomes of social media is how quickly news can spread. Just with the tap of a few buttons, anyone can share anything they want with the world, and it can spread like wildfire. This can either be an amazing feature or an absolute nightmare. It can be amazing by spreading awareness to certain causes and the power of people from all over the world on these social media platforms can really help create some positive social change. It can be a nightmare because of the spread of misinformation and rumours.

The power of social media can allow us to see different perspectives on certain topics, and we can take a deeper dive and discover more information about certain topics than what we would have seen on the outside. People from all over the world can communicate and share information online, which can have a wonderful impact of society. The power of social media can build relationships from all over the world. You can find a community, chat, and keep in contact with them. You can discover new hobbies; social media allows for so much creativity. Many people do not realize the power social media holds. We need to start taking advantage. Some people can be extremely negative on social media, which is very toxic. Spreading negativity is not good for anyone, so take advantage of the power you hold with your social media platform and spread positivity. Make people smile, create positive social change, inspire, and make an impact on someone’s life. You never know who is watching you on social media and who you are impacting, so be aware and be kind.

Social media has given millions of people the power to have their voices heard. It can be amazing for sharing stories and opinions. Social media is a powerful force and we can make a huge impact on society, just by the click of a few buttons, you can reach millions of people. Since many people don’t realize the power social media holds, we need to encourage people to use their voices on social media, create a positive impact and make a positive social change. Anyone, from anywhere, can make a huge difference.

Here is an example of the power of social media:

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Creating an Online Presence

An online presence is all of the content a person/business produces on the internet. Having a strong online presence on social media is extremely important if you are trying to build your business. It is essential for the marketing side because it helps strengthen your brand and what you have to offer. All you need to do is create a few social media accounts on different platforms, create some quality content, and post as much as you can. The power of social media is unimaginable, and it can either make or break you and your business.

Your online presence will help you reach a wider audience because having active social media accounts will allow for customers, who like what they see, to share your content easily with other people. It provides effortless marketing by customers doing the work for you and sharing your brand. It will be more effective because if people see others liking and sharing your products/services, this will attract other people to purchase them as well. This will just keep your business growing! The online aspect of your business will also allow for people to shop whenever they like, from wherever they would like. They are purchasing from you and making you money even when you are not actually working! An online presence builds trust and customer relations, which is extremely important. These social media accounts will allow for customers to leave comments and reviews, and any compliment will likely increase sales. Even if you get a not-so-nice review, it’s always better to know so you can keep track of what you need to improve on. The ability to fix what went wrong will build customer loyalty and show new customers that you are a reputable business. An online presence will increase accessibility because people are more likely to try to find you online rather than in person.

An online presence is absolutely essential in today’s world. By creating a few social media accounts on different platforms, you’ll be able to spread awareness and keep up with today’s competitive online society. You’ll reach a wider audience, market effortlessly, build customer loyalty, and increase accessibility.

A great article for advice on growing your online presence:

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Blog #2: Most Popular and Influential Social Media Platforms

Social media continues to grow and grow on a daily basis. There are many different platforms that you can join, almost too many at this point. Facebook is the platform that started it all, back in 2004. Social media was not popular at all before Facebook. It started as a desktop experience with limited capabilities, but now it is mobile and you can use social media anytime/anywhere. Smartphones have changed the social media game. You can take your social media communities with you, and the technology improvements (the smartphone camera) allows you to post photos and videos to keep your viewers updated. The analytics continue to change and more communication options are becoming available. You can like, comment, direct message, follow, share, re-post/re-tweet, and click on shared links.

Today social media is on over five billion mobile devices around the world. After Facebook made a huge launch and became super popular, Twitter was the next platform to come along. After Twitter, then came Instagram and snapchat, all using different algorithms and different ways to communicate. Facebook started off as the largest social media site, but now Instagram is making a lead. Instagram is more popular among teenagers and young adults, where Facebook is more popular with adults. Anyone under forty years old, is most likely on Instagram and prefers it, and anyone over forty is most likely on Facebook and prefers that over any other platform. Instagram is huge for influencers, brands, and so much more. Instagram is one of the most influential platforms there is with almost one billion users. Your content on Instagram should target people under forty years of age, with creative photography, selfie-style videos, and unique designs. Tik Tok is the new social media platform that is growing extremely fast among all generations. It is mostly popular between the ages of sixteen and twenty-five, and it is video content based. It has some of the most influential users that have the power to make any product, dance, song, business, food, and fashion popular. I think that Tik Tok will eventually become the most popular social media platform. Instagram and Tik Tok are by far the most influential and popular social media platforms at the moment, especially among the younger generations.

Social media will continue to evolve and grow with technology advancements. Social media is definitely something that will not be going away, especially because as humans, we are extremely social and social media is the most effective and preferred way to socialize nowadays. Will Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tik Tok continue to be popular in the future, or will there be new platforms that completely take over?  

The evolution of social media platforms:

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How to Use Different Social-Media Platforms to Build Press Relationships

COMS0011 – Four Blogs Assignment

Blog #1: The Importance of Social Media in Today’s World

Although social media is getting a bad reputation with some groups of people, it is actually quite important in today’s world. Many people believe it is ruining our society by taking away face-to-face communication/interaction, increasing laziness, and triggering insecurities. People are getting wrapped up in the negatives and forgetting about all of the positives to the social media world.

Social media is a great tool to keep us informed on news and important events happening around the world. It is a fast and easy way to keep educated and stay up to date. There is a huge audience when it comes to social media, it creates conversations and can promote a positive social change. It is a very powerful tool that people are finally starting to realize and take advantage of. People are starting to launch campaigns, ask for support to help donate or spread awareness for certain causes, and helps spread positivity/encouragement. Social media also helps us keep in touch with family and friends from anywhere, at any time. With social media you can communicate with anyone faster and easier. It also allows us to meet and communicate with new people. Social media is how most people are meeting new people and creating new connections nowadays. Some are meeting the person they are going to marry or making new friendships that last a lifetime, all through the power of social media. Social media is also extremely helpful in the business world, as it helps spread awareness of your products/services and grows your audience. These platforms have millions of users, so if you get the right content, you have a huge change of going viral and reaching millions of people worldwide. Your company could blow up just because of a certain post on social media.

Social media has truly changed our world forever. Many people would say it changed society in a bad way, and of course there are definitely some downsides, but there are so many more positive ways to look at it. It has opened up so many doors, and helped millions of people around the world. There can be a lot of negativity brought on by social media, but it also allows us to have fun and stay entertained. Most posts on social media that go viral are positive, which helps spread positive and uplifting energy. It can change someone’s day and put a smile on their face! Do you believe social media has a positive or negative impact on our society today?

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