Social Media listening tool and source

On the fertile ground of the Internet, social media has exploded with brilliant intensity. The information it disseminates has grown to play a significant role in how people browse the Internet, inspiring a never-ending stream of trending topics in people’s social lives and inspiring traditional media to follow suit.

It is important to note that the main distinction between social media and traditional media is that news can be published and disseminated by the general population via social media.


Twitter is more immediate in that it is better suited for brief messages, such follow-ups on breaking news, etc. Twitter plans to introduce new products to cater to situations like sporting events, entertainment events, and breaking news in an effort to capitalise on the fact that many view it as the platform of choice for following up on real-time news stories. Companies are able to be the first to learn and engage with users’ perspectives since users may access and share information on social media. Additionally, social media, which is the first voice channel for businesses, enables timely public relations, increases user reliance, and fosters user trust while enhancing brand reputation.


The maximum duration on TikTok is three minutes. The ideal video length, according to tikTok, is between 21 and 34 seconds, while most videos last between 15 and 60 seconds. Some people dislike reading. Video is the content format they favour most. You can reach a larger audience by turning your blog entries into videos than you could otherwise. Video material may communicate knowledge more effectively, especially when developing tutorial content. This is particularly true for tacit knowledge because screencasting software can be used to demonstrate ideas to an audience.

Personal Reflection

Reflection is not a sign of failure, nor does it mean unsuccessful, in fact, reflection is also another kind of success.

Two people solved the same difficult mathematical problem, they encountered the same difficulties and both asked the teacher for help. One person quickly understood it and felt very satisfied, while the other person did not understand it very well and began to reflect on their own understanding, and found a lot of examples to practice, and finally understood very thoroughly. And also learned a lot of problem solving skills from it.

When two people encountered a difficult problem again, the one who understood it first did not understand it as well as the one who understood it through self-reflection.

In fact, the distance between failure and success lies in introspection, which is also another kind of success. There are two climbers who have agreed to go mountaineering together. Through years of experience in climbing, climber A believes that there is no shortcut to the summit, but to climb up step by step, and as long as there is enough physical strength to persevere, he can reach the summit. And B, he felt that climbing only rely on physical strength is not possible, but also need skills. Then he began to reflect on whether the skills of climbing they have not fully comprehended, or mountaineering also need to consider some environmental factors of the relationship between the remaining factors of their own.
Through introspection, climber B realized that environmental factors also affect their own factors, the two should be coordinated and complementary, so that the benefits to unexpected results.
Sure enough, when the two climbers were climbing, climber B reached the summit first and saw the “most beautiful” view at the top of the mountain.

Success is not without shortcuts, we just need to find it in the reflection.

Reflection in the well is not a weak person who is afraid of difficulties, but in the silent accumulation of strength, in search of their own shortcomings, in an open-minded review of their own, in search of their own deficiencies, and finally will explode out of their own small universe. People who know how to reflect, in fact, there is another kind of success.

What about your childhood shaped you for this moment?

Happy people spend their childhoods healing for life, and unhappy people spend theirs healing for life.

The best gift to a child’s childhood is a sense of security. My mother added warmth to my childhood, and this gave me a sense of security that has lasted a lifetime.

From the simplest of things, I woke up every day with a warm kiss from my mother, a hot breakfast, and her company on the way to school. On the way home from school, she would also ask me about the strange and interesting things that happened at school every day. On weekends my mother and father would often take me to the supermarket with them. Pulling me with one hand and pushing the shopping cart with the other, we would walk through the market and buy what we needed for the next week. The sound of hawkers, the aroma of fresh vegetables and food mixed together, constituted my childhood memories of that market. To this day, even when my parents are not with me, every time I go to the supermarket, I can feel the warmth of home, so I know that no matter what, my parents will be by my side, silently supporting me.

Beating is not kissing, and scolding is not loving. Only when parents are calm and peaceful can children feel secure. This is the best love for the child.

Great Experience

One of the most impressive to me was the leaderless group discussion for job applications in college, also known as group interview, which is one of the most efficient interview methods in campus recruiting because of its high elimination rate. It usually consists of a team of 6-10 applicants who discuss the questions given by the interviewer within a specific period of time and eventually agree on the content of the discussion and output a unified viewpoint.

Interviewers are not involved in the entire discussion, they will only be watching the performance of the candidates, through group discussions, to examine the overall quality of the candidates: logical thinking, teamwork, language, organization and coordination, resistance to stress and other aspects of the overall ability.

I bumped across a few other novice college students and we began talking like we were at the market, criticising how confusing your words and mine were. I was in a lot of panic at the time. I made an effort to remind myself to keep my thoughts in check and write down my own arguments before writing down those of another person’s. So to save time, I was merely writing down the relevant phrases. Also, during the discussion, paying attention to the opinions of others is a sign of both respect for others and of one’s own personal development. They claimed that I was the only one who paid close attention, which for some reason led them to believe me throughout our future conversations. I immediately discovered the cause in this ball of wool, everyone seemed to have a different opinion, but in reality, everyone was simply undecided between two options. I then properly summarised the summary cut to suggest that we had 20 minutes to compare the two options’ justifications in order to choose which justifications would best support our choice and enable a more thorough investigation of the issue.

In fact, I think I learned from this experience that I should be calm and collected and learn to listen to other people’s ideas.

Tesla Case Study

Influenced by the new media and social media, the traditional advertising industry is now experiencing great problems and is also subject to the impact of the Netflix economy. With the development of Internet and mobile Internet, traditional enterprises reduce the advertising of traditional media.

Tesla is actually pursuing the ultimate user experience as the center, like Apple, the hardware and software will be seamless, creating the ultimate driving experience beyond user expectations, interaction designers and industrial designers play a very important role in it.

Tesla’s direct-to-consumer sales model, which omits dealers and allows customers to purchase cars directly from Tesla’s official website rather than through third-party franchised dealers, directly affects the rules of the auto industry but also saves money, boosts productivity, enhances the customer experience, and makes it possible to provide customised services.

On Tesla’s official website, there is an area for enthusiasts, with blogs, user stories, and forums, pictures and videos, and notices of activities. Through the official blogs, the latest developments of the company are released, user stories allow real users to show their experiences, pictures and videos show every detail for users to feel, activities are mainly for users to experience offline, and forums allow users to discuss and exchange their experiences and problems in use, and the official can also give solutions to users on them.

The innovative marketing model of disruptive business, whether in terms of sales, profits, word of mouth or brand influence, has unexpectedly achieved great success. And this is based on Tesla in the new market, new consumption, new demand background, has been using innovative ways to create brand differentiation marketing cognition, to create a brand halo effect that belongs exclusively to their own, which is the unique innovation of Tesla from the beginning of its birth, development so far in marketing.


Faced with so much happiness, I am already content, now I will not let happiness slip away, I must book it well and cherish it, so that happiness will always be by my side, so that my life will have a lot of joy, a lot of happiness! In fact, I am very happy, only it is playing hide-and-seek with me, it found me, but I did not find it.

“Mom, I want to eat lollipops!” “You are changing your teeth, no! Eating sugar will grow worm teeth.” “How aggravating, Mom!” Children of people are eating lollipops, and I can only watch and drool. I thought I was the unluckiest and most miserable person in the world at the moment.

When I reflect, I realise how naive I was. I no longer consume lollipops to feel dissatisfied, and I now realise that happiness is not based on possessions. As a result, people now ask me whether I’m happy. I shall gleefully declare: “I am the happiest person on earth. I have a home, a complete and lovely home. I have a family that loves me. I live in a happy family. I am happy. I am in a decent school. Healthy learning is part of my life. I am happy.” I am content and don’t feel lonely because I have so many wonderful friends and professors. Now that I know better, I’ll make sure to hold onto happiness and treasure it so that it will always be at my side. So that my life will have a lot of happiness, a lot of happiness.

But I think, life will not be forever adversity, nor will it be forever smooth, maybe one day, my happiness will leave after all, not happiness cheated me, but I did not cherish happiness, happiness has always been with me, only I have to turn around to find it! In fact, I’ve always been happy.

Target Audience

The primary benefits and selling aspects of the product itself need to be listed first. 

The benefits and strengths of detoxification goods may be summed up as follows: quick detoxification; pure natural plant extracts; organic and natural; no side effects; safe and healthy. Let’s use detoxification products as an example.

Simply put, the ideal route to figure out which groups will experience the challenges and anxiety outlined above is to ask yourself questions. We can make assumptions about personality, age, education, region, hobbies, likes to browse the site, work, economic income, extracurricular activities, idol worship, etc. 

Age: At what age would women start to pay more attention to their bodies and physical health? The percentage of physically obese women should receive more attention, as well.

Income: Will women who only work to support themselves spend money on detoxifying products? Women with middle-class to upper-class incomes should have some extra cash on hand to spend on necessities of daily life. 

Hobby: What websites do women who are worried about their physical well-being prefer to visit? Should enjoy perusing the community of women who value beauty, following bloggers, reliable experts on social media or forums, etc.

Is there a connection between women’s location and their concern about detoxification, according to Region? First-tier and second-tier cities should be the focus of advertising because it has been demonstrated that women in developed cities are more concerned about their body form, mostly due to the distinct living environment and economic income. 

What is the personality of a woman who wants to detox? Hypothesis 5. Personality. These women tend to be more creative, enjoy researching information online, struggle with issues like social media or online communication, and frequently come up with their own solutions.

To determine whether their previous user group placement is true, whether they have addressed the majority of customers’ pain points, or what potential demands they may have that we have not yet identified and can be further addressed, we can employ user feedback. In order to develop the product and grow a more accurate user base, user feedback must be handled wisely.

Storytelling and Communication Styles

We have probably all had the experience of taking a class many years ago and having all but forgotten the content but remembering the jokes and stories so well that we still remember them.

So, why do stories stay in our brains for so long? Do they have such a profound effect on us? Why is storytelling a better form of communication?

This is due to the fact that in the age of information explosion, people must deal with a massive amount of data and information, and attention is becoming increasingly difficult to come by. The most important factor in standing out from the onslaught of information is to grab the audience’s attention. People can immediately relate to stories. Nobody wants to hear information that doesn’t pertain to them. This is a psychological communication process that psychology has long identified. Stories can therefore rapidly capture people’s attention.

What components, then, should a good story have? 

Create a relationship 

Depending on your target audience, pick a tale that will resonate with them. You should narrate a narrative about love and family, for instance, if you are talking to a mother.

Create conflict

Conflict is what makes a story compelling. Without conflict, there won’t be any tension in the plot, and the audience won’t be interested. because everyone is affected by life’s tensions, inner struggles, and tangles in their experiences. The purpose of good stories is to expose this underlying tension.

Eliciting an epiphany

Epiphany is the emergence from entanglement and conflict. It is a higher level of awareness of a problem. When we are stuck, our instinct is to find a way out. And a good story is one that allows the listener to find a way out of his problem in listening to you. Or, to let his heart resonate and see the light.

Storytelling is an effective way to communicate. Everyone should have this ability to communicate. When we can tell stories we can influence others, in the sense that storytelling allows us to capture the attention of customers and thus open up markets.

Summer Vacation

After three years of epidemic, people have finally won the stage and started to leave their homes for the peak of travel. My friend and I embarked on a long-awaited trip to Banff National Park, which includes Jasper National Park, which is adjacent to it. 

Banff National Park is a very historic national park in Canada, located in the Rocky Mountains, Alberta. Its scenery is very different from the national parks in the United States. Simply put, Banff is a wonderland with mountains, water and woods. Its true charm cannot be described by photos or videos. If you have the chance, please go to experience the magic of nature and the charm of the natural oxygen bar with your own eyes.

The greatest time to visit Banff if you enjoy hiking and driving is from June to August when the temperature is more suitable, but it is also the busiest travel period with more visitors. We traveled in the middle of July, and despite the fact that the week’s weather forecast called for a lot of rain, we generally had luck. The weather was lovely; it rained when we were hurrying on and shone while we were taking in the sights. Animal viewing is best in the spring and fall when there are fewer tourists. On the other side, Banff is a skier’s paradise during the winter, and it’s pleasant to experience the silvery Rocky Mountains while being surrounded by snow-capped peaks and hot springs. If I have the chance, I will definitely feel the Banff in winter.

One of the things that most impressed me was Spirit Island, a hidden location in Lake Maligne. The folklore around Lake Maligne and Spirit Island is introduced on a 90-minute roundtrip boat on the lake, which is one method to get there. This little trip taught me a lot about the area. Personally, I heartily endorse it. The only lake in the Rocky Mountains where you may operate a motorboat is Lake Maligne. However, it appears that only travellers who arrive by boat are permitted to board the island. Of course, you can paddle across for a few hours on your own. An iconic Canadian destination, Spirit Island is frequently included in brochures and postcards for travel to Canada. The lake’s hue near the Island is astounding! We took the 10:00 am trip, although the photo appears to have some backlight. If you go on the afternoon sunset boat, the lighting should be better.

All in all, what impressed me about this summer trip was not only the beautiful scenery of nature. It was also the fact that my friend and I experienced a few days of social disconnection because of the intermittent signal. During these days, we had very quality and meaningful time.

I’m curious as to what season Banff was visited during by those of you reading this and what the tales are. Alternatively, how did you spend your summer break?

Social Media Addiction

Young man addicted to social media texting in the dusk at home by filadendron Via Gettyimages.

Do you have a social media addiction?

You can take a brief test by answering the following six questions. 

1. Do you utilise social media frequently in your daily life? 

2. Do you discover that you need to spend progressively more time on social media to experience the same level of fulfilment? 

3. Do you use social media to escape boredom or loneliness or as a source of excitement? 

4. Are you anxious when you can’t use social media but feel the urge to? 

5. Have you tried to cut back on or stop using social media but failed? 

6. Do issues with social media or disputes with family members arise in your life?

Nowadays we are smart enough to know that being addicted to social software is not entirely the user’s own fault, we have discovered the developer’s mind, every place on the page is hidden temptation, such as short video pull down never end, such as telling you how many likes and comments your friends have received, such as reminding you how many people have just bought the product at a super low price and warning you that it will soon be sold out.

However, it’s not all the developer’s fault. It involves brain function, psychology, business competition, and social behavior in many ways.

The demographic most impacted by social media is teenagers. Courtney Seiter states that the appeal of social media addiction isn’t entirely in our heads. Instead, it’s thanks to two chemicals our brains produce: dopamine and oxytocin. From there, social networking not only has a lot of good feelings, but it’s really hard to stop wanting more.

What requirements may social media satisfy? 

Social needs 

The need to develop relationships with existing friends and family members as well as make new ones. Sociable media gives people the opportunity to connect emotionally because people are emotional beings who need to be social. 

Needs for enjoyment

Utilizing social media can be enjoyable, such as when you receive a lot of praise or gain a lot of ground, which will cause you to feel naturally happy and content in the network. Or, if you’re sick of studying or working, take a break and play with your phone; you’ll feel better.

Cognitive demand 

It is the requirement for knowledge and information creation, acquisition, and interchange. 

Therefore, people begin to use social media frequently and develop a habit in order to maximise the satisfaction of these three demands. 

People’s perceptions of social media use evolve from perceived enjoyment, usability, and utility to perceived irreplaceability and eventually reliance. 

Due to their own unique self-control, some people are able to control their needs, while others finally succumb to addictive behaviours.


Are you addicted to social media? Why are we addicted to it? #SocialMedia #SocialMediaAddition #SelfSaving


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