Blog#2- Strong & Weak Organizations

I strongly believe in today’s culture, social media plays a crucial role in the success and growth of an organization and once done effectively, can increase sales. Businesses can reach a wider demographic while having the opportunity to engage and improve their customer experience. Companies without a social media presence can miss out on the tremendous benefits it offers in terms of profits and popularity.

Strong Organization:RedBull

The best organization in my opinion that takes full advantage of social media and all it has to offer is none other than RedBull. If you like the energy drink and into extreme sports, then this is the company to follow online. Believe me, you will be totally impressed by the way they use professional athletes and the wildest stunts to promote their product. They mostly shoot their videos on GoPro and have amassed a respectable number of following on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Tik-Tok. Their videos are an absolute pleasure to watch and this great marketing technique has kept them as the number one energy drink in the world. They have capitalized on social media and I am intrigued by their genius efforts in understanding how to use the platforms efficiently to reach and engage with their audience. A simple example of their expert marketing reach is the growth of all their social media platforms over the years and the steady rise in their popularity as being the go-to energy drink on the market. Sales have skyrocketed as well and their brand has become a household name, setting themselves apart from other brands in the same sector. RedBull is the prime example of how to utilize social media to your advantage in order to win over audiences and those who enjoy extreme sports.

Weak Organization: Dollarama

An organization that can profit greatly from a social media strategy is Dollarama. As a discount store, I think that they should make an effort to stand out from all the other discount stores which could lead to an increase in sales. They have positioned themselves as cheap and affordable but their lack of a viable online presence has limited their potential. They should try their utmost to utilize platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Youtube to reach new customers and grow as a company online. Utilizing new tools and techniques would mean that they would have to set aside a sizeable budget for a social media expert to help them expand their reach and interaction. Individuals will be drawn to them more, especially if they have low income and a wider reach could make them more popular. Their main objective should be improving the customer experience, engaging and being proactive on their social media accounts to foster better relationships. A first step would be to choose one or two best selling products and promote it on their social media pages with the help of influencers who can give it positive reviews. This could lead to more likes and views, encouraging more people to enter the store. Although the quality of their products are not the best, a good social media strategy can still benefit them in many ways and allow them to stand out in a competitive economy.

COM0015-Blog#1-Tools & Sources

Social media has evolved, changed and enhanced the marketing game and has come to be a big part of our daily lives. It can be used for professional purposes or casually just to have some fun. With the growth of more online businesses in 2023, major platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Tik-Tok and Pinterest play a great role in advertising these companies’ products and services. Reaching new and potential customers through these online channels has become effective, quick and efficient as well as providing up to date news and/or entertainment. As a photographer, writer and editor, I rely on social media as an excellent place to advertise, grow and market my services, in an authentic and credible way while providing value for such services.

My favourite trend listening and monitoring tools would definitely be Google Alerts and Brand24. I have some experience using these two tools while completing the Monitoring & Measurement course in this program. They provided me with all the necessary information I needed to complete assignments and I would recommend these specific tools to anyone now entering the industry. With my first few weeks trial of Brand24, I was able to track mentions, comments and whether they were positive or negative. Google Alerts was sufficient in keeping me informed on how often the brand was being mentioned on the web and anything related. Theses are my preferred tools and I strongly believe they have the ability to provide the most accurate data which is important for any brand in today’s culture.

My two best sources for news, updates and everything regarding social media would have to be Sprout Social and Social Media Today. In regards to my professional development, they provide me with the latest trends and what I need to know in order to improve my online marketing activities. Because I am passionate about the subject, I can spend quite a few hours reading and analyzing various changes, updates and trends with the goal of improving how I navigate the different platforms. Both are great when it comes to exploring the online world and you will always be kept fascinated about the many evolving changes and progress that is constantly happening. Finally, I would like to say how grateful I am for these tools and resources as they will definitely improve how we manage and measure social media.

COM0014-Blog#7-Personal Reflection

This course really expanded my knowledge when it comes to understanding target audience, communication styles and storytelling. The concepts I learned will improve my online presence in a way that reflects my true personality and increase my confidence when marketing my services. It can also be applied to my strategy when establishing a plan to better execute my online goals with the hope of earning a better income. I am pleased with all the course content, discussions, blogs and assignments that was required and I am now in a better position, business wise, to understand the whole social media landscape. The facilitator was extremely helpful and her guidance was paramount to me successfully completing this course.

Storytelling is important to creating great digital content as it can help you better establish an authentic presence and allows you to express yourself in a way that represents what you have to offer. Not everyone has great stories and if you invest time crafting a good one you will definitely stand out and more people will connect with you. Today’s online space is super saturated and competitive so it is likely that your business will prosper once you are good at storytelling.

Great stories will help guide my content and build a solid foundation for future prospects that are interested in my services. To compete, I have to always update myself on new techniques and courses to help me become better at my skill. I will always stay on the high road and be honest while offering quality services to my clientele, which will lead to word of mouth, another great form of marketing. Companies that tell great stories will be able to distinguish themselves and their overall mission will be achieved, leading to long term success. My content, guided by my storytelling ability, will allow me to brand my business in a way that helps me stay true to my identity.

I want to tell stories that can connect with my target audience and resonate will people who desire my services. I want it to be true, real, authentic and believable to the point where I gain trust. Focusing on great stories will be an objective I am willing to undertake over the course of my career to build a bigger and better audience. I am willing to spend time on embracing my uniqueness, personality and style to better market myself in the competitive online space. I believe that I am capable of growing my audience through storytelling and I intend to become competent at doing so. I will evaluate myself constantly to ensure that I stay relevant and always being prepared to tell great stories, which is important in the dynamic world of social media.

COM0014-Blog#6- My Story-Who am I? What do I do?

Hello, my name is Gerald Dwayne De Mendonca and I am professional photographer/editor and writer based in Toronto. I chose this path because it’s my passion and I find it fulfilling, always waking up with excitement and purpose. I am an avid reader and I believe books are nourishment to the mind, so reading is a habit I can never get tired of. I started taking pictures as a teenager and fell in love with the process of capturing beautiful images, so after a while of contemplating , I decided to follow my heart and buy my first digital camera to establish myself in a competitive industry. I get an adrenaline rush doing what I enjoy and I am only focused on getting better by taking additional classes and attending seminars. I am reliable, organized and super friendly, so you can always be open about what you expect from me.

My past experience have allowed me to capture both photos and videos that were of high quality and this has given me the confidence to continue on this path. I have invested in some tools to help me along the way, such as a MacBook and the photoshop software, I also plan to further purchase some other equipments. Everyone says that I have good photo skills and this have given me the encouragement to keep going. I take great pride in what I do and want my clients to feel contented with my work so I make it a duty to always bring my A-game, trying not to make any error in the process. I am always prepared, well dressed and ready to unleash my full potential by capturing the best moments of any event. I never take life for granted and I cherish every passing moment, always staying true to myself while living my dreams as a professional artist/photographer in a great city.

COM0014-Blog#5- My Personal Brand

I am Gerald Dwayne De Mendonca and I am a professional Toronto area photographer/videographer/writer and editor. I am currently studying social media marketing to better understand the online landscape and to learn how to establish a solid presence. I have been passionate about photography for a long time now and I really enjoy what I do, it really is fun and therapeutic at the same time.

On my way to photograph a birthday.

Some personal qualities I believe that sets me apart from my competitors is that I am detail oriented, easy-going and organized. I am also a great listener and storyteller , which are all traits that are important in this industry. My skill level have improved over the years because I practise regularly and though the competition is tough, I try my best to offer the best possible service especially when it comes to pricing and quality. I have a great personality as well and I enjoy networking with people that have similar interests as me, which can count as exposure and possible new clients.

A shot of Downtown Toronto, close to eaton centre.

Lately, to stand out, I have widened my services to include Food and landscape photography as well. I realized in this industry you have to be versatile and adapt quickly. Many restaurants requires great food pictures to attract more customers and increase their profits. I have also invested in an exquisite website and stunning business cards that can distinguish me and add to my professionalism. I am trying my best to be competitive as possible and making the best use of resources in order to advance in my industry.

Learning never stops

My colleagues would defintely say that my best trait is that I am amiable. I know because I have been told this on many occasions and it really encouraged me to continue to be a great individual. I can never get tired of being this way because that’s who I am and is what I stand for. Of course, not everyday is a great day, but I still try to stay positive and level-headed, prioritizing time for relaxing. I am passionate about what I do and to succeed in this industry, you have to be customer focused, empathetic and time sensitive. Finally I am most proud about taking a risk and getting into this industry, not knowing the outcome. I have met many interesting people and formed valuable friendships over the last few years. It is therefore safe to say that I found my purpose in life and that is to make people feel special and create for them memories for lifetime!

Blog #4-B2C Case Study- REDBULL

RedBull, in my opinion, does an excellent job at marketing and promoting their product online and I am highly impressed with the amount of engagement they receive from fans everywhere. At the moment, they take the spot for the number one energy drink in the world and by far one of the most successful brands in their sector. They are a unique company and are continuing to grow their online presence through intelligent and creative marketing techniques that has the ability to instantly capture one’s attention.

As you may already know, RedBull as a company invests heavily into promoting extreme sports, mostly though though YouTube, Instagram and their Tik-Tok social media pages. Using GoPro, they produce and film the most stunning videos that can quickly gain the interest of an audience. I personally enjoy watching their content and have grown to love the brand and appreciate all the work they put into making me feel entertained. Sales have skyrocketd throughout the years and the brand’s reputation have improved greatly, giving them much needed leverage to position themselves as number one in the energy drinks category.

RedBull’s approach to marketing is clearly working for them and I admire the quality interactions they receive online. Many fans around the world enjoy extreme sports and follow the company’s social media pages to be entertained. Likes, comments and views are in high numbers from what I have seen so far and the brand’s image is definitely getting better. Even though they are in a competitive sector, the company has made a name for itself, establishing them as one of the leaders in effective product marketing. I would suggest you follow them on social media and I promise you will be amazed at the content they post and the bravery of the athletes who perfrom the various stunts.

COMM 0014: Blog#3-Target Audience

I am in the business of taking pictures and making people look great so I have the responsibility of always being professional and timely. In today’s society, visuals play a large part in promotion and advertising as people pursue certain careers such as modelling and/or acting. Others want their special day like their wedding, birthday or baby shower to look splendid and for future memories. Photography is a very competitive business and to come up on top you need to be unique and provide quality service as well as be creative in your approach. Taking necessary courses is paramount and can increase your skills and provide the knowledge that you need to better understand the art of photography.

Most of my target audience are trendy, fashionable males and female that enjoy being in front of the camera and are passionate about the arts. They are between the ages of 18 to 50 and enjoy the city life and are very adventurous. Most of them do have a college certificate and/or diploma and are single, looking to pursue a career that allows them to be creative and expressive. Some others do it for fun and therapy as it helps them to relax and helps ease their anxiety. I would also say that my target audience tend to be folks from the lower to middle class and their hobbies include being social and growing their online following. They tend to spend money of things of value and material possessions that enhances their appearance.

Some tools I use to promote myself as a photographer include Facebook groups and marketing on instagram. There are many aspiring performers that are always in need of new headshots and so I use these platforms to advertise. I also like to take street photography as seen in the above photos and this allows me to play around with different camera functions, editing and various angles. My main strategy is to post these photos to Instagram and Facebook and get some feedback from my target audience, which then allows me to improve as a visual artist. I have a passion for taking pictures as it allows me to capture moments that will last a lifetime for the clients and this gives me much satisfaction, to know I was responsible for such a significant event.

COM0014-Blog#2- Storytelling

As I sit and reflect on what I’ve learnt about storytelling thus far, I can safely say we have come a very far in the way we communicate and share stories amongst each other. Working to develop your own communication style will definitely set you apart from others and allow your personality to shine.

Learning about how primitive people told stories was an interesting fact and the way in which they must have told them seemed like they garnered much attention. Drawings on the cave walls would have probably represented deep stories that came from the heart and meant something to the artist. These types of stories would last forever and leave behind some level of pride for those who told them. I do agree that Shakespeare was a great storyteller and I had the privilege of studying one of his book entitled “Macbeth” while in high school.

Storytelling has definitely evolved as we now have the radio, television and the World Wide Web. This module have definitely helped me appreciate storytelling as a form of art that can never go out of style. It is an important form of communication that can leave a lasting impression on people and can encourage others to tell their own story in the method that most suits them. I personally love the art of storytelling through film and even all the behind the scenes that go into making them.

With my communication style, being clear and concise is paramount. I’ve reflected on module two and have made the decision to make this a definite priority. As a part time tik-tok content creator, I usually like to keep my videos under one minute and get straight to the point. As I construct this blog I will definitely check for proper spelling, grammar and punctuation, which this module has accepted as an important aspect of being a good writer and therefore gaining credibility. I never knew about the various levels of readers and I am eager to know which category I fall in.

In conclusion, we should all be able to tell stories that reflect our inner most thoughts. I would encourage my readers to go on a soul searching journey to discover who they are, where they are going and what style and method of communication they prefer. Everyone has something to say and if social media is going to be your career, it is imperative that you learn how to craft stories that can resonate well with your audience.

COM0014-Blog#1- My last trip to Guyana

Yes, I am going to say it, the number one vacation destination, in my opinion, is my birth place, Guyana, also known as the land of many waters. My last visit was March, 2018 and I totally had a blast, like I usually do. The first thing I did when I arrived at my brother’s house was open a bottle of ciroc to celebrate and we played music to lift our spirits. I was so happy to see my family including my sister-in-law, nieces, nephews and cousins. Two weeks was too short for me so I had to pack as much fun into it as possible, so after a couple hours of rest, it was time to hit up the city. I first went and visited my then girlfriend after being away form each other for a couple months. We also went out to lunch, dinner, movies and spent some time on the sea-wall (which equates to a beach). No day was dull as I had other folks to chill with which made my trip even more exciting!

Me in the grey with my two brothers while in Guyana.

I vividly remember one Sunday me and my two cousins visited the creek (beach) and oh my it was so relaxing. We took food and drinks and we all sit and chat before heading for a swim. Another time I went on a double date with my brother and his wife to a night club where we had a few drinks and we listened and dance to the latest music. I also enjoyed some nice home cooked meals prepared by sister-in-law and cousin who both love cooking. Not to forget that having a cold coconut water on hot day is underrated lol. Anyway, much of my visit was party-based but the next time I go back I intend to explore a little more as the country has much more to offer.

A Guyanese cap I like to wear when I’m traveling.

Guyana is truly my go-to place for just having fun. I get to be away from Toronto for bit to breathe and refresh. Every trip is memorable for me and I try to make the most out of it. My next visit will be even more fantastic as I am planning to go into the rural area, visit our great kaieteur falls and a resort as well. If you read this post I encourage you to give Guyana a shot and put it on your bucket list! The famous Chef Gordon Ramsey had not too long went and explore the city and its hinterland areas and I can tell from his documentary he had a blast. I will be taking another trip this year and I cannot wait, this time it will be even more epic! Thanks for reading!

Hobbies that keep me occupied and the goal to monetize them.

Let me first start off by introducing myself and talk about who am I. My name is Gerald Dwayne De Mendonca and I currently reside in Toronto. I am originally from Guyana, South America (a great place to visit by the way) and I am an avid reader. To date I have read about 70 books, mostly on business, psychology, religion, art and social media. Everyday I wake up is a blessing and another chance to keep pursuing my dreams. My hope is that this social marketing program will lead me to a great and fulfilled career path and provide a better future for me.

On the waterfront with my camera

I do, on the other hand, have quite a few hobbies that I would love to monetize once I get more training and experience. Recently though, social has been one of them and I would like to be more educated in the field hence what I signed up for this program. My goal after completing the program would be to get an entry-level position at a marketing firm or an internship to grow my skills and build my resume. My other hobbies include writing, photography/videography and editing. I am looking forward to combine all of them in the social media field of work because I believe the more skilled you are makes for a better chance for employment.

A topic I enjoy reading

I consider myself creative and full of hope and energy and aspire to be able to work from anywhere in the world, of course, doing social media. This would give me the opportunity to travel and experience different cultures and with my ambitious nature I am quite positive that I can make this happen. I am really and truly focused on attaining a better life for myself and to become financially stable as well. I take nothing for granted and wake up each day with a grateful heart. Social media is the future and I will take this opportunity to acquire as much knowledge as I can in order to create the life I deserve. How passionate are you about social media? Would you love to work from anywhere in the world as well? What other skills do you have that can complement social media?