COM0015 – Blog #2: Strong and Weak Organizations

Why Nike and Netflix

I watch Netflix every day. I love the originals they release, and I love the wide span of movies and TV shows I can find. It’s amazing. Why Nike you ask? I am a runner. I believe in Nike as a brand to create the best running shoe to fit my foot. I love the movement these two organizations share with the world daily

Social Media has made a significant impact on the world and the majority of the organizations out there. In this space, Netflix and Nike are two different areas but both demonstrate an impressive social media strategy.

Nike has a set goal on social media. To connect with their customers on a personal level and create the idea of an engaging community. Netflix set out to create relatable contact for its large audience from millennials to Gen-Z. This ties into the next point of an amazing social media strategy, knowing your target audience. I like how they utilize the trending platforms to execute strategy, but also competitive plans to stay on top of their competitors. After analyzing both Instagram accounts for Netflix and Nike. I notice they have different posting schedules as well, Netflix posts about 2-4 times a week and Nike is daily. This is a lot when you think about it on a personal level, but in terms of a business, this is great! This would justify the millions of followers and monthly engagements they turnover monthly. In my opinion, these are reasons why I believe Nike and Netflix have two very impressive social media strategies


On the opposite side of the spectrum, Subway and social media do not get along. According to a post found on LinkedIn, Subway is in the bottom 5 of best and worst corporate Instagram profiles. I believe they should be interacting and trying new tools and techniques to give the company brand awareness. Today’s world revolves around social media. Why not create a strategy to implement. I feel like they will also need to drive sales, adapt and change their customer service engagement, and gather reviews and suggestions to help them grow.

Implementing the first steps into social media need to be carefully thought out. You can jump in head first, but usually, you wouldn’t come out on top. Let’s be honest. First, you need to identify your main platforms to grow on. Let’s choose Instagram and Twitter. First set up the official accounts and develop a plan to post content on a schedule. Subway could take this opportunity to advertise deals or coupons exclusive to following their accounts to drive up sales as I mentioned above. Something that I personally can take advantage of, is being able to see photos of what my sub could look like. I always look at the menu and see the featured items, but then why do I look down and see so many trays of food items that don’t relate to the photos. Why not just create photos of every sub on the menu. I feel like as a customer, this would improve my experience. Maybe I decide to post a review of this online. What a way for Subway to take advantage and share the post on their platforms. This would drive up customer interactions and create sales.

Implementing these few steps can be a great way to kick off an impressive social media strategy. What other steps of ideas could you think of that can build off of what I have already mentioned above. I would love to know your thoughts.

Favorite Social Media Tools and Sources

COM0015 – Blog Post #1

Twitter and Tiktok? Think of me as an individual with a small attention span like the state of the new generation today. Although I don’t fall under that generation, with the time I focus on work and sports, I do not have much time for following long snippets of new updates and news around the world.


I refer to Twitter mainly for that. I like how I can find small posts with updates.

  • CP24
  • NHL
  • NBA
  • Weather Updates

This list is all of my reasons to love Twitter. Why would I sit through hours of television to gather various updates that may interest me or may not? Why not do a quick search with some keywords and find what I am looking for? To me, this is why Twitter is one of my listening/monitoring tools that I find in my best interest to gather updates and news.

Why wouldn’t I choose Instagram for this? I’m sure I can get the same updates… Of course, … if I prefer picture books! I feel Twitter is more significant in this aspect of my life when I am relating it to my professional development and interests. I can find fast information without having the appearance of me surfing the web looking at photos and pinpointing the right caption with the information I need. In my opinion, it just makes sense.


You may already be asking yourself, why Tiktok? Short videos. If you play with your algorithm correctly, you won’t just see dancing videos of meaningless content. I now see sports updates, business updates, and information content is driven toward my area of interest. It’s how you use the app to your advantage.

I believe this app has its differences and various appointed opinions. However, it’s an important part of my life now. As crazy as that sounds, I am now able to use it for:

  • Golf swing tips
  • Workout movements
  • Sports clips
  • Shopping opportunities

I prefer this tool over YouTube mainly for convenience. I can open Tiktok and start scrolling and the video I want will show up. On YouTube, I need to search for them and even then, I will find 10-30 minute videos on what I could watch in 2 minutes on Tiktok. This is mainly why I prefer it. I can also find significance in this tool when relating it to my professional development. Now this may not be the typical answer, but when I relate this answer to why I chose Tiktok, it was personal but business. I believe this app can provide me with professional help to my list above in approving my game of golf and provide me with a better understanding of various sports topics. One day, I could get into a sports field of work, and with the help of Tiktok, I would be able to know about sports news.

COM0014 – Blog #7: Personal Reflection

Coming into the final weeks of this course. I have found some very beneficial information and concepts to take into my future with me. Most importantly I learned that storytelling is very important when creating great digital content. You need to be able to attract your audience and compel a story true to yourself. Information and “stories” that are true to yourself. I learned that it takes time to find your story. Nothing is fabricated overnight. You need to be able to come together with yourself in order to find what story you want to tell to your audience. Being able to figure out what audience you want to tell your story to whether that be to other businesses or to consumers. You need to be persistent with purpose and meaning while being relatable. If you act as if you are on the golden pedestal at the top then sure some people will envy you and want to be you. But others will stray away from following you and buying into what you advertising.


I want to be able to tell my life story. I want to be able to advertise not only for myself but for various business ventures. I want to tell compassionate, uplifting, amazing stories that really gear an audience to want to make themselves better every day. Whether that be B2C or B2B, I think I could make this come to fruition. I feel like all my content will be guided by my roots. I feel as if my upbringing and my education can really reflect who I want to be and how I want my story to be told.

COM0014 – Blog #6: Do People Know Your Story?

After reading the article by John Janstch, I wanted to focus on the first question he has in the article. Obviously, the question is, “How to find your story,” but, I want to tell my story on how I can find my “Who am I story.” John mentions a tip, if you were to get into an elevator and meet your ideal audience, what would you tell them? I feel like the more common practice for this nowadays would be in an Uber. I like using this phrase instead as it usually comes with more of a neutral approach. When I think of elevator “pitch.” I am thinking of a business opportunity, heading up to my floor where I work, something a little more professional. If I was just heading up an elevator to my condo, I wouldn’t entertain that sort of conversation. That’s my opinion.

Who am I? What do I do?

My Name is Tyler McLean, I am a case manager for an executive service team in a company I do not feel the need to disclose. I am someone who takes pride in my work. But I’d be a robot if I talked about my work and not myself. My job does not define me. I’m sure it has altered my everyday life and how I value it. But it does not consume me. I am a caring, respectful, athletic, and intelligent guy who wants to make a change for the better in this lifetime. I grew up being the captain of various sports teams, setting examples and encouraging others to become better selves every day. Nowadays, sports are not a part of my everyday routine, but I apply everything that it taught me and transfer it into my workplace. But what do I do? I handle presidential-level escalations amongst a floor of many others and our goal is to bring customer loyalty and satisfaction to the call at the end of the day. Whether that takes one call or 15. No matter how long it takes us, we need to ensure satisfaction. It doesn’t sound too hard, does it? That’s what I thought. Now some cases are a walk in the park and I know my approach from start to finish. Others. no no no! They give you curveballs and left turns. It is good to say this job gives me learning opportunities daily.

This is nothing special in the grand scheme of things but as a new young person exploring the world of a career. I am definitely pathing my path into what I want to do. What about you? Who are you?

COM0114 – Blog #5 Personal Brand

Respect. That is the biggest personal quality I would want and say I have. I give it, I get it. Having respect as my #1 quality is huge, I am a people person. I like to treat people the way I want to be treated! I slip up from time to time, especially on the ice. But I try. I have many other qualities I feel set me apart from the rest like my charisma, my dedication, and my focus. I feel like when I combo all four of these, I am the best person I can be.

I recently decided to donate my car. I was ready to upgrade and switch out my ride, but I didn’t have the time or energy to sell it privately. Selling it to the dealer would get me a significantly less amount. When I found out the benefits of donating my car. I did! I feel like this made me stand out apart from the others. This is also a huge wow factor to me that made me super proud to do it. I didn’t donate my care cause I didn’t need the money or anything. I don’t have money like I’m flaunting my money. It’s not like that. I did it out of my heart and I gain benefits from this too.

Lastly, my colleagues. How do I do this, my colleagues have words for me that’s for sure. We recently did a task amongst the group which was leaving feedback on each other’s files. My colleagues said how dedicated, caring, focused, intelligent, and how approachable I am and how I am a huge aspect of the team. This really touched my heart to know how appreciated I am.

Answer the following questions: What are some personal qualities or characteristics that set you apart from your competitors?

Alphalete Engagement Case Study

Alphalete is an online brand that started as a Youtube channel under the owner “Christian Guzman” who started by making screen printed t-shirts to a fully custom line of clothing for both men and women. Thus, Alphalete was born. Upon looking into the company and seeing their use of Social Media, it was clear they depend on Social Media for there marketing and engagement. They use Instagram, Twitter, facebook and youtube. They have a large cast of athletes who rep there company and show all the new launches on there social media. That being said, in the comments sections and in there direct messages, you can tell they are quick to respond to all the messages and inquires directed towards them.


When analyzing there level of interactions on social media with there audience, as I stated, you can tell it is very good! I see reposts on Christians Instagram story all the time of all his athletes wearing his new clothes being launched and even the consumers of the brand. Any issues? No problem. They have a social media team who are rapidly taking care of any issues. They are friendly and effective.


I believe Alphalete is doing great. The interactions and the quality of service they provide on social media is amazing. The only touch up I would add is being more active on YouTube. My personal opinion because I like to watch YouTube instead of TV. But none the less, I think they are doing great.

Now I know I talk about a lot about Alphalete over the course of my blog posting, but what do you think? If you had the chance to analyze a gym wear company, how would you grade there social media interactions?

COM0014 Blog post #3: How to effectively communicate in Valorant!

Valorant is a 1st person shooter (FPS) game that is intended for kids 13 or older. According to game revolution it also states the game is suitable for anyone 16 or older due to the firearms used to kill human opponents and mild language. Mild would be an understatement because once you load into a game, the toxic voice chat can turn into a heavy profanity chat (In my opinion). But besides the fact, this is who the target audience if for Valorant.

The most effective way to communicate with this audience would be through social media. I believe Twitter is the most efficient, but we have Instagram, snapchat, and tik tok. I will leave facebook out of the equation because as a avid Valorant player, I never see anything pop up on facebook.

Valorant is full of surprises when you run into teammates and opponents. In my opinion, when reflecting on the type of audience Valorant has, you would find the following. You will find the person who has the biggest ego in the lobby because they played overwatch or CS:GO. (Two other games with slight relation to Valorant) You run into the silent killer who does not talk or communicate anything in the round but clutches up and kills the enemies. Then you usually run into the toxic player and the bad team “coms” combo. What I mean by this is simple, you run into a player who dies a lot and makes call outs of the whereabouts of where the enemy is but is totally wrong, then you combo that with the toxic player who one, yells at the bad communicator, and secondly, will yell at their teammates about how bad they are and takes no ownership in defeat. But how can we fix this? What effective communication skills could fix this disaster.

I believe that if the develpopers can come up with some sort of better action plan to fix the communication in the game, it would be so much better.

Looking into the skillset Valorant devloping team has, using Twitter seems to be the best option. I tend to fall back on updates from Twitter to help out my understanding of most recent updates coming out to the game. I have also seen surveys being posted on Twitter to help understand major paint points. Of course, as soon as I mention something, I can not find it for the life of me. But trust me! I would know. I love Twitter.

I would be curious to know which kind of of player you think I am, and if you play Valorant, which style do you portray?

COM0014 – Blog #2: The Reflection of Storytelling

This week in Module 2 I was able to learn a lot about the upbringing of storytelling and how it started from drawing in caves to various styles. Back in time, it was shown through dance, music, or oral communication, Once the ability to communicate in a written format, people were able to stockpile written copies of stories in a more portable way allowing a larger audience to read them. This is a small summary of the history of storytelling and I find that so relatable to a lot of things in today’s world. For example, the internet. Take in how we evolved the internet to even feel safe enough to work remotely instead of in the office. How we stream video games that the world plays and how we can create jobs solely online and through the internet. To me, that’s relatable to the evolution of storytelling. The lesson plan was way too long to touch on every point and I attached the link in the post if you are interested.

Interaction with my Audience

I feel that when I am writing my blog posts I need to be able to keep my audience engaged. Of course! I would not want to write about something just for the hell of it. I only want to write about topics that interest me that can also be shared with my like-minded audience. I want to make the reader able to read and find my article very easily. I shouldn’t want my posts to be a complete mission just to find the link. I would like to reflect on the inverted triangle as well. I feel like this is a great lesson to put in my memory bank. The second you lead on the opening for too long the reader is gone. There would be no way I could read the same topic or point for 10 minutes in a story. “The show must go on!”

COM0014 – Blog #1: Vacation in Punta Cana

Happy New year to all! Where everyone had their celebrations and partying all night long, my night looked a little different. December 31st the night before the New Year and here I am yawning and looking for the closest bed at my party. The clock strikes 12 and within the flash of an eye, I am gone. I made a promise to my partner to be awake for the new years celebration but not one minute longer. We had a flight to catch! On January 1st, 2023 we were off to Punta Cana. A trip I have been so excited to go on. First trip in over. 10 years, my first trip as an adult flying without my own family. What could go wrong? NOTHING!

Sitting by the pool with as many “cervezas” as I wanted! Tanning in the hot sun is something we Canadians are not used to. Anything from swim-up bars to volleyball. Everything was fun! I traveled with about 30 people so as one can imagine, it was a party! We played water volleyball and beach volleyball, even bubble soccer one day right on the beach! There was never a dull moment. I can remember every morning heading over to the cafe for some fun and exciting coffee… Something I didn’t know how to order properly of course. I am used to an iced coffee or a normal coffee from tims. Nonetheless, the trip was a blast.

Something that was a huge shock to me was the food. WOW! It was delicious. I can remember hearing about the trips my parents would take to Mexico and the food not being so good. So I was a little nervous. The food at this resort was top-notch. The Italian place we could stop at for lunch and dinner was by far my favorite. All the pizzas and pasta dishes were amazing. My newfound love would be a pepperoni and honey focaccia! That was amazing!

Near the end of my trip, a few things went a little south. There was a stomach bug flying around the group of 30 we traveled with and I ended up with it on the 5th day. Totally put me to rest and pretty much halted the partying the last few days. I ended up at the casino the following night which to my little knowledge of casinos, you can smoke in this one. This totally threw me through another loop as I got lightheaded and sick from the smoke in the air, and off to bed, I went again.

Overall, The experience including the flights was amazing and I’m not sure if this would be the fact I am about 10+ years since my last vacation and lack comparisons or what! But, I loved it. One thing I did not do was any sort of excursion, I really wanted to just relax and take a break from life on the resort and I didn’t have that desire to leave the resort at all. Now my question to you is, do you think this was a mistake? Do you think I should have participated in the ziplining, dune buggies, cliff jumping, and monkey zoo? Etc. the list goes on. What is your opinion?

What it Takes to Make a Sucessful Social Media Strategy!

October 22, 2019 By Yue Sheng 

About my blog

Welcome to my blog where I will tell you a little more about myself and how I use social media, as well as find ways, tips, and tricks for a successful social media strategy. I am currently out of the work field when referring to a social media-based job but I use social media daily. I surf Instagram, Facebook, and tik tok every day, and I’ve grown quite the category that shows on my page. I don’t use social media for posting and gaining attraction but working in the field is so fascinating. The way I could market companies’ new launches or brand deals or press releases etc is amazing and when thinking of how I would want to use social media, that’d be how.


Social Media Strategy is so important to anyone because it helps you stay creative, focused, efficient, and present. Having a strategy will help you stay creative because you will have an outline of what works for your business and find ways to build off of that and expand your social media. This helps your content stay fresh and up to date while following the outline of what works and what doesn’t work for the business. Staying focused on your goals by having a strategy will become super helpful when you need to look back on your work to support your goals. There can be specific posts, ads, or shareable content that proves why your goal is a goal and why it’s been achieved. Being efficient and present is a key feature of having a strategy because you can be fast on your posts and stay on top of the new marketing plans and branding opportunities.

All of these key points to Social Media strategies can complement communication, marketing, and branding activities because they’ll make these activities go a lot smoother in terms of staying on top of marketing and having a set plan to continue growth.

What it takes to build a Social Media Strategy 

Step 1: Create goals that work with your business points

Step 2: Learn the ins and outs of your target audience

Step 3: Learn about your competition and what you can do better

Step 4: Find inspiration and create a calendar to stay consistent

Step 5: Compile content

Step 6: Check analytics and performance of posts and adjust accordingly

With these Steps, I want to incorporate and bring to life a strategy of my own in this blog presence. In previous courses, I communicated a lot about Twitter and various features to Twitter. How they advertise and market brand deals news updates and for the general user, communicate thoughts and hot topics to the world. I want to have a reputation of being that guy who can turn a company’s social presence around for the better and by using my research and facts, hope I can incorporate one day.

 Chrystelle Charlier