Aging in Reverse: Is there really any skincare that works?

Do you feel like you all of a sudden looked in the mirror one day and your skin just gave up on you? If you are like me, all the years of tanning beds and basking in the glorious sun suddenly takes its toll on your skin. Not to mention what the heck pregnancy did to it, but that’s a story for another day. 40 has just approached and as they say, 40 is the new 30. So I set out on a mission to learn to care for my skin and take care of my own well being in the process. And let’s just say, boy, did I ever find what I was looking for.

So I am definitely that girl. You know the one, willing to invest in any product that pops up to solve all my problems? Yeah, that used to be me. Skincare, shakes, hair products, I would fall for all the MLM’s out there. The problem was, none of these worked long term. The creams and lotions never followed thru on their promises, and I would lose interest and move on. Does this sound familiar at all? Sign up and you can get the discount and save. Right, and at the same time you are getting money in your product. Toting flawless skin like JLO, but not giving recognition to your nurse injector for why you look so young and refreshed (yep I said it).

Moral of the story is, all of these regimens failed for me. No results = throwing to the bottom of the bathroom cabinet. I know, this isn’t sounding very motivating is it? Don’t worry, it gets better. I came across a spa in my city and had a consultation with a real, live aesthetician! Someone that went to school to learn about skin, can you imagine? She actually asked me what my skin does during the day, and tailored a system for me.

So now everyone is going, yeah, they did this for me at Shopper’s or Sephora too. This could be true, but no department store, or MLM is going to give you medical grade skin care. They can’t, because they aren’t allowed. You need to be an actual medical spa to sell these products. That’s what makes it actually work. Did you know when drugstores say there is 5% hyaluronic in the bottle, most stores that means 5% in the whole bottle? Well AlumierMD means 5% per pump (yes, everyone is totally deceiving).

So I took myself home with my loot of skin care. I wash my face, and I swear to God the first day it felt different. My interest was peaked, and I continued on my journey, watching my skin slowly change textures over the next few weeks. How could this be real? Skincare can actually work?

These two photos were taken 1 year apart. The first photo has a filter and I am wearing make up. The second photo I am wearing nothing but tinted AlumierMD sunscreen.

So I know what you are thinking, $$$$, right? Actually, the basics are probably comparable to the drug store. Spending $45 dollars on a cleanser that lasts for 6 months doesn’t seem that pricey to me. I could sit here and talk about this stuff for hours, but I know you’re probably on you’re lunch, or taking the quick 5 mins you have to learn about self-care. So I’m just gonna talk about the crown jewel. The, as I like to call it, liquid gold. Ever Active C&E.

As featured on Renewmedispa Peterborough’s Facebook page.

Three drops of this stuff, and your skin literally glows. I can’t even really explain it, just trust the pics!! The most important part of this serum is that you activate it yourself. You squeeze down the lid and all these magical fairy crystals go into the liquid and you shake it up into magic. Then you put the dropper in and your face feels like magic when you use it every morning. Ok ok, I know I really don’t have a lot going on if this is my greatest excitement, but it is a pandemic.

So will I ever live without this serum? Probably not. Is it cheap? No at $179 Canadian for 3 bottles it is an investment, but it does last at least 4 months. So I think its all about what you want to invest in yourself. This past year has been hard. I have never realized how important self-care was, til it was the only thing I had to look forward to in 2020. Just remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. It took a long time for us to get these marks and wrinkles, they aren’t gonna disappear after washing your face for a few days (News Bulletin: Botox is the only thing truly getting rid of those crow feet and 11’s, no matter what anyone tries to tell you). Now get off your phone and go wash your face and let me know what you think!!