My Last Vacation

The last time I took a vacation was way too long ago, coming on 2 years now. During March break 2017 I went to Punta Cana with my high school graduating class and it was the trip of a lifetime. We left on the Thursday morning, at around 10 am, before the break. Our flight was a direct, 5-6 hour flight (if i remember correctly), from Montreal to Punta Cana. The fun started right away on the bus from the airport to the resort with our guide already offering us some cervezas (Beer). We stayed in an all inclusive beach resort that also had a really nice golf court. When checking in they gave us either a kids bracelet or adult bracelet which basically determined if we could consume alcohol or not. The legal drinking age in the Dominican Republic is 18 years old, which I was so close to being at the time (my birthday is March 20th, 4 days after we were set to be back), so basically our whole group, other than those with earlier birthdays, were on a quest to find adult bracelet. My friend and I were one of the first to acquire one by luck mostly. We were walking from my room to our friends room and talking about needing bracelets when a worker comes up to us and says “You want adult bracelet?” we said yes of course, and he proceeded to lift his shirt and had about 10 adult bracelets on his hip. He originally asked us for 50$ each but we talked him down to 15$. Pretty eventful for just our first day in Punta Cana. The rest of the week was filled with lots of sun and ocean water. One of the events that marked my friends and I was the catamaran. Basically a big party on a boat with a little bit of snorkeling and lots of mamajuana (a dominican drink). Needless to say it was on of the best weeks of my life and am very glad I spent the money to go on the trip. Where should I go next? Maybe some of you should help me decide.