Staying Relevant in the 21st Century

can-do-attitude-postitive-copyWhen people think of libraries they think of books, cranky librarians, and being shushed all the time but is this still the case? Libraries are constantly changing, evolving with the times and coming up with innovative ways to stay relevant. Now instead of just books they have online resources, movies, games, and access to new technology with their makerspaces. The question then becomes how do you get people to realize what great resources they have?

At Algonquin College’s Library the twitter account now has over 1000 followers and it has seen an increase in use of resources since it’s start. It stays relevant by tweeting resources they have on trending topics that day. Algonquin College’s Instagram account is staying active sending out photos of new books to the library, it has become a go to source for book recommendations in the community.

Libraries are now using Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to market themselves and their services to a younger crowd but is it working? Judging from the statistical increase in use at Algonquin College since the creation of their social media pages I think that yes it is helping. It’s a free social tool that libraries can use to help remind people that they are no longer dusty old buildings full of books but a place to let your imagination fly! Do you feel that libraries are making a good effort take stay relevant or do you think they should just stick with what they know?


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