COM0014 Blog#6: Do People Know Your Story?

Hi my name is Zyana and I’m turning 21 in 12 days, I am proud to say that I am finally happy and independent young lady even though I may still have some lessons to learn along the way hard times have made me stronger than ever helping me mold my dreams. I have come from a small apartment in Mississauga and I was abused as well as homeless with my mom and that wasn’t even the half of it but we have been able to manage and now are both successful. When I was in my teens I used my love for kids to volunteer at community centers and schools to help them and participate in fun activities , I enjoyed bring them happiness because that was something I never really had when I was younger but my mom always tried her best to make things better than they appeared. After leaving my university for a year after my good friend passed away I decided to try and find myself again and my proudest accomplishment was creating my lash business “Zy.Lashes” giving ladies the option to get Classic, Hybrid, Volume or Mega Volumes lashes. Now I am looking forward to collaborating with my friends to create the ultimate salon with eyebrow artist, lash technicians, nail techs and teeth whitening, it will be called “Doll House Beauty” providing all the beauty need to our ladies. Since I haven’t reached my goal to become Art Director in film or commercial through school I have now found my passion in beauty for the moment and I love it because of the process from beginning to end and that is also why I take interest in film the results are just beautiful. Overall I enjoy this business I have created because I makes all my clients happy with their results and since I am a caring person I enjoy doing things for people everyday. I hope my business continues to expand with clients from word of mouth and even online social media especially now that me and my girls have a big business coming to the ladies of Windsor giving them options to glam themselves up. 10 years ago I never thought I would be here in this position to provide for others as others were providing for me but I am glad as well as grateful and looking forward to what else I can accomplish though out the years.

COM0014 Blog #5: Personal Brand

A personal brand today is different from what it used to be, its meant to open up yourself to others as a original, unique and powerful individual but now a days everyone is on social media presenting themselves as plastic and using fake identity that are not who they really are. All over media channels such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and blog sites people are using them as a tool to project their personal brand onto each other because everyone has access to the worldwide web, the internet is meant to connect us with other friends, family and co-workers. If i could describe my personal brand from another persons view the people I connect with would say that I am a reliable , determined and positive individual, I created a small thriving lash business that all my clients love so much that they keep coming back for my service. I am considerate of other and their need as well as available to them to provide their desired look because what is important to them is important to me. I personally have experienced getting my lashes ripped out by “professionals” and i would never want that for my clients and in order to avoid that i learn and practice to have the necessary rolls to be a great Lash Technician. What is your personal brand? What are you proud of?

Develop your personal brand for career success | New Scientist Jobs

COM0014- Blog #4: BSC Case Study

12 Times People Got Roasted on Twitter by Sassy Corporations, From ...4 Social Marketing Lessons to Learn from Taco Bell

Have you bought anything recently from a restaurant, store or online? Typically we tend to get products such as food, toys, clothes and the list goes on for items that we are convinced that we need to buy from the marketplace. The Business to Consumer strategy is encouraging us to make transactions with advertisements on television and online for example on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to target their large audience all over the world. In this case Taco Bell is a pro at appealing their target audience to buy what they sell. This business originated from California with a slogan “Live mas” signifying ‘food is fuel’ and is known for their Mexican fast food like quesadillas, burritos, nachos and tacos but also provides healthy options to the menu. Taco Bell’s age audience is youth based between 18 to 35, so they are continuously changing their food and sometimes their branding strategies to fit the criteria of the present to please the millennial consumers. This makes it easy for teens to choose Taco Bell to eat due to the super affordable prices, including great deals and numerous options on the menu and the best part is that they have an option to order online. This is an example of how they adapt to their audience because how convenient is that? 

Through social media campaigns, Twitter being their largest source to connect with their youth audience, Taco Bell has built relationships with consumers by interacting with them directly making replies to almost every tweet they are mentioned in. On Twitter they use teen slang words and phrases that are popular as well as having a sarcastic and witty sense of humor within every tweet making their advertisement a fun environment for the audience to enjoy and laugh at and with them. As they continue to gain followers, have many favourites and retweets on Twitter with great consistency, they also make short ads shown on Instagram by giving a sneak peek to new foods to create excitement for everyone. Overall Taco Bell continues to be productive with their sales because they aren’t boring when it comes to promoting their products keeping their business updated in the latest trends to participate with their large audience.

COM0014- Blog #3: Target Audiences

Have you ever wanted to get your eyelash extensions done before? I am a certified lash technician and lashing is one of the many hobbies I enjoy because of the overall  process and happiness it brings my clients, my main focus is to continue growing my business “Zy.Lashes” but to be successful I must take the steps  required. It is important to know both the demographic and psychographic aspects of your audience, that includes the age, gender, ethnicity, and income small things like this make a big difference to help us get a clearer picture of what our audience wants, this is adapting to their needs and receiving feedback first. What will my audience respond to? What styles work are most popular, cat eye or doll eye lashes? Promotions? How many people like to get their lashes done and how many times during the year? Are their eyes sensitive? Who likes natural lashes? Who wants dramatic lashes?  

(Volumes )



One thing I have learned from my target audience research is that there is never one type of person in a community, everyone is different! In my business I have different types of lash services provided to suit everyone’s personal interest such as “Classics” being the most natural, “Hybrids” provide a noticeable look but not to much, “Volumes/ Mega volume” lashes give a dark full dramatic look . Having these options gives all my clients a chance to be satisfied with their results. [] This link is an example of things I talk to my clients about in detail before they get their lashes done to ensure that they have the correct knowledge and the opportunity to share their own opinions to make the right decision for themselves . I personally think that my target audience age ranges from 16-40 up to 50 years old, younger ladies being the biggest percentage of my audience and now a days everything is communicated through the internet. My way of communicating with my audience is by social medias such as Instagram and Facebook, this shows my work in all forms like videos and pictures, keeps my clients updated on any promotions/giveaways I may have monthly and makes me available to listen to any questions my clients might have because overall the goal is to be engaged and helpful to your audience.

COM0014- Blog #2: Story telling and communication styles

Have you ever started reading a story and couldn’t decide if you wanted to continue?  To be successful in any form of storytelling such as articles or blogs etc, a writer such as yourself  must focus on catching the reader’s attention as your #1 priority, giving them your key point from the beginning. This happens by engaging with your audience for example asking questions, using an active tone rather than a passive tone, this opens their minds to think about how the topic is relatable to them which encourages the reader to engage and express their own opinions based on the topic. Every story has a beginning, middle and end, they have evolved from being written to oral to being available on all media today but the same method such as “The Inverted Pyramid” approach applies every time whether it is for entertainment, education or cultural topics to provide clarity while addressing your main topic. Often writers mistake the more detail the better but it’s crucial to not to lose balance of what is important and what information can wait until later on. While writing you must have good grammar, spelling and punctuation all throughout or else it will come across as you are being unprofessional making great content useless to readers. There are 4 different levels of reading; elementary, inspectional which holds a large part in your decision to continue, analytical which is to understand the information given and lastly syntopical reading where you are able to absorb any topic and have the ability to discuss it with other experts. What level of reading are you at?   

COM0014- Blog #1: What I did on my vacation

Have you ever been to Aruba? If not, I highly recommend it! For my 20th birthday on July 3rd 2019 I went on a trip to aruba with my mom and my cousin but it was also a good friends wedding as well so in that case we stayed for the whole week. The travel was short, I hate flying just because of the nauseous  feeling and I definitely watch too many movies with disasters where planes break down and fall out the sky blah blah so a window seat is never my first choice but 7 hours weren’t  bad because I slept the whole time. Of course on day 1 we made it priority to go to the beach, the view was just amazing, the sand was nice and warm, the water wasn’t too cold so some days we stayed the whole day to sleep tanned and attended all happy hours one of my favourite drinks to get on a hot vacation is the peach bellini or a pina colada, idk what it is but it just more special. On my birthday we went on this boat ride that rode along  the coast as the instructor described the different resorts and history of aruba followed by a dinner at Papiamento. In Aruba the 2 main languages the people speak are papiamento and dutch, even though some didn’t understand us they were all so nice and everyone was greeting us on the streets even if they didn’t know us. Everyday we found somewhere new to walk since our hotel was in walking distance of the food places, shopping strips and beaches. I had one mission to find a new anklet so anytime I saw a jewelry spot I was stopping to see if I could find a nice one. One thing about me is that I LOVE food so I am always open to trying new types of food and I’m sure some of you feel the same way. So there is a few places i do remember us going to like this popular family owned seafood place where you had to stand in a long line to order, we got shrimp lobster, fries, corn bread, and fish and they came in these big baskets we ate it all with our hands there was no leftovers cause it was that good but the best part was the experience because i’ve never eaten seafood from the shells before and the restaurant was on a dock surrounded by water so we got to see the sunset as well. Lastly was the wedding we knew the family already so we got to visit them to spend time together,  we did activities like canoeing and waterboarding. The bachelorette party was fun because it was a party bus that travelled to all different clubs in the city so we were told we had 20 minutes then it was onto the next i will say we were definitely the life of the party everyone wanted to leave with us haha. The ceremony was beautifully done on the beach at a resort, the bride, bridesmaids all looked stunning walking down the aisle then the night began and was filled with good food, laughing and dancing. Overall I enjoyed my trip, it was filled with excitement and I was sad to leave.