COM0011-521 Blog post #6 Love is the most effective content for my business


There are many content are effective a personal brand. For me, I am an art teacher now, the most effective content is love.

I am a teacher for many years, but it is my history in China. I have to make a new start in Canada. Social media is a communication tool, it helps me a lot at the beginning.

Teaching art is not a common business, it is not sale real products, but teaching intangible art ability. Meanwhile, teaching is not just a business, but education. I have to communicate with the parents and let them trust me.

To run my business, I must love art and my students.

Art teacher must have good art skills and know how to teach the students. If an art teacher doesn’t like drawing, he or she must be a terrible teacher. Only when someone really loves drawing, they can draw beautiful pictures with skill.

Love students is essential for a teacher.Even though some artist are good at drawing, but they don’t know how to teach. With love, they will improve the teaching skills.I love my students, they are so cute and innocent. I would like to improve my art and teaching skills for them. I think love is two-way communication, kids can feel my love, and they love me too. When I see their improvement in my class, I feel happier than their parents.

I think whatever the business is, publish praise is better than all kinds of advertise. Love is most effective content for my art class. When the parents and students can feel my love and passion, it is Word-of-mouth advertising, they will tell their friends. No one can build a personal brand in short time, but I think with step by step work, it will be better in the future.

COM0011-521 Blog post #5: Analyze two social media case studies

We all know Nike and Adidas, they are famous sportswear firms whose products are very popular around the world. They sponsor hundreds of individual Olympians and teams.

Adidas has long history than Nike, but this time during 2012 London Olympic Nike wins. Compare with them, Nike lays more emphasis on social media than Adidas. When I open Nike’s Website, I can feel it is young and full of high technology. Nike not only sells shoes but also build a bridge to whom like exercises. Nike FuelBand, which can measure all kinds of activities and give real-time feedback, is a new feeling for customers. It opens up more ways to connect with friends. It is a smart marketing strategy, they don’t just sale tangible products, but sale intangible service.

Nike is a good example in using social media, but Nokia is not that lucky. Nokia was the best cell phone in the world, but now it downgrades to “junk”. Sumsung has surpassed Nokia, ending Nokia’s 14-year run as the world’s top handset maker. Nokia failed to respond to smart phone and the shifting consumer demand that came with it. They insist their traditional way in the network information age. No matter how successful Nokia was, if it don’t keep up with the market, and don’t know how to use social media, it won’t win.

Angel Fu

COM0011–521 Blog Post #4 Near? Far?

Some of senior told me, they feel lonely in Canada, even though they live with their children. All of young people have their electronic devices, sometimes they prefer to talk to strangers in the virtual world than communicate with their parents face-to-face. Social media make the world small, but the relationship is nearer or further than before?

The way we live now is different in many aspects from the way people lived several years ago. Social media has changed how we communicate and carry out our daily lives. Our lives have improved in many important ways, at the same time, there are certain positive things that have been lost.

Technology has improved our lives in many ways. We have machinery electronic devices, and appliances that make our work and daily chores easier. Advances in social media make it easier to be contact with friends, relatives, colleagues and even strangers. We can say what we want to say and don’t need to cover ourselves in that virtual world. We can do our business online without having a real shop. When we need more information, we can search them from the internet or discuss in a forum. For all this reasons, we can say that we are much closer than ever before.

On the other hand, there are other, less material aspects of our lives that have not necessarily improved. For example, while it is true that social media makes communication with distant easier, at the same time families are breaking up. Family members no longer tend to live near one another as was common in the past. In addition, because we have so many choices, such as Facebook, Skype, Twitter, and so on, we tend to pay more attention to these social media tools than we do to our actual face-to face personal relationships. We spend lots of time on cold electronic devices rather than communicate with our families. In this respect, we are far from each other.
It is a challenge to find the balance, we can’t resist social media, but how to find a perfect balance is what we should think about.

Angel Fu

COM0011–521 Blog Post #3: How is social Media used in my Industry

I have learned art for many years, now I am an editor and graphic designer in Chinese newspaper. According to Wikipedia, graphic design is the art of communication, stylizing, and problem-solving through the use of type and image. The field is also often erroneously referred to as Visual Communication or Communication Design due to overlapping skills involved.

Visual arts is a very wide and expand field, and it closely related to social media. Ten years ago, internet is not as popular as nowadays, so most of graphic design is used on printing media, such as books, newspaper, posters or print advertisement. However, internet access everywhere increased dramatically in recent years, graphic design has to change with social media. I still remember when I designed something sevral years ago, I have to go to library or book store to get information and collect material. Now different kinds of social media help us to find what we like from the internet.

Time is money, we save an enormous amount of time in accumulate materials. We get pictures, music, and video by social media, and most important thing is we can share our ideas. There is no boundary in music, same to pictures. Picture is essential for designers, with social media, we can get what we want easily. No matter we understand the language or not, we still can use the pattern, composition or color. If words and pictures are not enough, we can exchange our ideas in forum, with discuss, we can find lots of new ideas.

Anything is a double-edged sword. Social media is so convenient, designers become more and more rely on it, because copy is always easy than create. We can see lots of similar designs on internet. Hollywood produce best cartoons, such as Kung Fu Panda and Madagascar, they use top technology to make them. Many designers began to copy, but there is a special artist Hayao Miyazaki who insists his own way make cartoon film. He uses traditional way throughout the animation process, much of the art is done using water colors. In Princess Mononoke, he used digital technology, Then he went back to traditional hand-drawn animation again. Traditional way is not as quickly as digital way, but it provides us unique feelings.

Social media is wonderful, no matter we love it or not, it is in our daily life. We can’t change others, but we can adapt ourselves.

Angel Fu

COM 0011-521: Blog Post 2 discovered about online communication

We can discover many things from online communication, and I want to talk about “the importance of title”.

When we open computer, we are surrounded by thousands of information. Then we choose our favorite to read. Most of people want to have more readers. Is there anything we can do to Increase popularity? I think title is crucial for a blog.

Title is crucial
Title is always important for all kinds of media, such as newspaper, books or TV. However, title is the most important thing for online information. Online communication is different from traditional ways, it is active not passive. When millions of information explored on internet, we have to catch what we need very quickly.

I work for Chinese newspaper now; newspaper is a traditional paper media. When readers open the newspaper, they can see the heading and text at same time. While on the web, we can only see titles at first sight. The title decides we click it or not. So the heading is crucial. That’s why some blogs are talking about same thing, but one has much more reader than others.

I still remember when the royal baby was born in England, all media try their best to attract readers by taking pictures for Prince William, Kate and the infant. The Daily Star and The Daily Express all splashing the headline “It’s a Boy” across front-page photographs of the new mother. British newspaper The Sun changed it’s name to “The Son” to honor the arrival of a baby boy. How creative it is!

Pictures can be a different title
We can find information from words, but pictures contain more details,and it’s more quickly and accurate. Especially in Canada, immigrants who come from different countries are not sensitive to English words, but we can get the same information from pictures. There are so many fake news on the internet, we can’t tell which is true only from the words. Pictures can talk, in addition to give more details quickly; they also provide the truth of the report. Pictures can move and glitter, it’s a good piece of eye-catching.

No matter how enchanting the title is, the blog posts should relevant to the content. If the title is just try to trick people to read, nobody will trust it again.

Angel Fu

COM0011-521 Blog Post #1

My favorite social media tool

The world has been changing at a rapid pace by internet. We communicate by telephone, letter or fax several years ago, but now, no matter how far it is, if we can access to the internet, we can communicate with each other.

In English-speaking countries, Skype, Facebook and twitter are very popular, while in China, QQ is the most popular social media tool. Even though I have been in Canada for almost 2 years, I still use QQ every day, it is my favorite social media tool.

Tencent QQ is released 1999 with the name of OICQ. Then it changed to QQ, because “Q”sounds like “cute”. With additional features such as software skins, people’s images, and motions, QQ was released as a “network paging” real-time communications service. Other, mainly free features were later added, such as chat rooms, games, personal avatars and online storage.

There are 1 billion people around the world have their QQ account. Most of my friends in China have QQ. We chat, send email, share our photos and write diary every day. Sept 13 is Chinese Moon Festival, on that day people usually go back home to have family reunion. I can’t go back to China, but I can communicate by QQ, we see each other, share our feelings. It’s much better than cold telephone. When I was in China, open QQ is the first thing when we arrive office. It’s not for chatting, but for work. Our colleagues share the newest information in QQ online storage. It’s convenient and easy for all of us. We can divide our friends into different groups, some are belong to job, and some are self-business or friends.

QQ is combination of Facebook and Skype, we can make friends, chatting, share our experience, show our pictures or do business. I want to have new friends here in Canada, we can communicate by Facebook and Skype, so I won’t feel lonely in this cold country.