Social Media & the Mental behind it

Obviously you know as much as I do, social media can effect little things to big things in your life includding your mentality off line. As much as I assumed I would know how to balance screen time & everyday living lately I find my routine “checking tiktok” too an hour later still being on the app or even worse getting off the app feeling unmotivated. I feel with instagram, tiktok, twitter , snapchat you have to know your boundaries including discipline so you don’t realize you’ve wasted a day, feel unmotivated and will now have trouble sleeping due to the blue light before bed.

Instagram & Youtube to me is the holy grail of all things internet based. No I’ve never bought a product that some beautiful Kardashian was holding in a pic & no Kylies get ready with me’s don’t make me want to buy Kylie cosmetics but do make me second guess myself. Beauty standards change online probably every two years maybe even more regularly, if you were to watch the internet and keep tabs on every trend I bet if u went to a cosmetic surgeon or injected she/he would be able to tell u the popularity of certain things and who brought it into action. Example Kylie Jenner got lip filler years ago & once it became announced all of the sudden I was bullied for how little my lips were, some kids when they graduated got new phones or laptops, I however ended up getting my lips done. Just last year someone made a comment about how my forehead scrunches & now I have 4 units of botox. Yes I may not buy a lip gloss or a purse cause someone has it but once someone points out something u now have access through the internet ,scrolling seeing hundreds of people who’s foreheads maybe don’t scrunch in the sun. Something you may not have ever been insecure about could become ur biggest insecurity through social media and at that point you just need a strong mindset to fight against that.

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Twitter, someone will say their input on they’re relationship, how they feel, what scares them. god knows what but once you like that one thing & refresh now ur feed is 10 of those things. No wonder media effects us and can cause someone to go into an episode, one like and your entire feed becomes that one like. Its also proven if your on your phone before bed you’ll have trouble sleeping and possibly higher risk with nightmares. My only advice out there to people who find it hard to keep motivated or feel balanced should keep track of their screen time , set reminders of things they need to get done and find small hobby to keep them busy. I myself need to take this advice, as I’m sitting here wighting this blog I’ve gotten distracted from 3 emails, 2 dms from my boss and 14 snapchats.

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