Is One Social Media Platform Enough?

When it comes to a well-planned social media strategy, I think of companies that are active on multiple platforms. They are diverse, enjoy educating, as well as engaging with their clients. This blog will focus on two companies that have a fantastic social media strategy and one company that needs some improvement.

Photo by Tracy Le Blanc from Pexels

Rihanna is a queen, it’s no surprise that Fenty Beauty has done exceptionally well since it first came out. If Ri-Ri isn’t enough to keep this beauty company at the top, then what is?

Fenty’s social media game is *chefs kiss* on point. Their diversity and inclusivity have reeled in many people throughout the years because they cater to people of different race and gender. This alone makes you feel welcomed like you belong. This can be a big deal in the beauty industry as I’ve seen firsthand when working with clients who often feel left out from certain companies.

A big chunk of Fenty’s marketing strategy comes from influencers (as if Rihanna herself isn’t enough to boost sales). Well-known influencers can be seen sharing reviews, attending launch parties and giving their support and praise for the brand. They essentially allow these influencers and any customer to do the talking for them. When they do talk, (Twitter) they’re relatable and have humour to their voice. All I can say is, Fenty is doing it right.

“The Cosmetics Industry generates 55% of its buzz through influencers.”

Rosanna, Ryan. for Launch Metrics.

Staying along the lines of feeling appreciated, this next company treats you like your BFF. This best friend will be there to get you back out on the dating scene when your ex breaks up with you. Whether you swipe right or swipe left, Tinder has done more than just providing you with eye candy.

Tinder’s social media strategy gets a big thumbs up from me. Much like Fenty, they use different platforms for different strategies. Sticking mainly to Instagram for the bulk of their content while the use of Twitter will be about engagement with their customers.

Although Tinder is mainly for dating, I enjoy that they’ve teamed up with other companies like Domino’s. On Valentine’s Day, they gave you the chance with every swipe to win free pizza or discounts. Talk about a perfect match.

On top of teaming up with others, they like to educate on social issues, including the ongoing pandemic around the world and forced marriages. “For example, Amnesty International Australia used the network to raise awareness about forced marriages with a campaign launched on International Women’s Day. The nonprofit replaced profile pictures with downloadable images illustrating that oppressed women around the world still aren’t able to make important choices about their lives––the kinds of choices that many of us take for granted.” Ohannessian, B. (2020, April 15, para. 22) for Sprinklr.

Monitoring your brand is important, Tinder has successfully listened to the ongoing safety concern that is present in dating apps with new features. Without the use of monitoring throughout the years, they wouldn’t have been able to see the analytics regarding the different safety features of their competitors.

This next company has a few red flags with their strategy. Although they’re on top of Instagram, any other platforms they have need some work.

Workout’s By Katya has been a favourite company of mine for workout plans, tips and attire. When observing this company online is easy to spot some areas that need an upgrade.

The first red flag for me is the inactivity on Twitter. Their last tweet was back in 2018. This threw me off because Twitter has been a platform where companies engage with their clients and express who the brand truly is with their voice.

On top of the lack of posts, I noticed the absence of a few platforms that would increase brand awareness as well as sales. Pinterest and TikTok. On one hand, you have this platform used for inspiration and the other is perfect for companies to give tips & tricks and behind the scenes.

For Workouts By Katya, I would use Sprout Social to increase engagement across multiple platforms. By using this tool, it makes it easier to post on different social media platforms, engaging with clients and monitoring the industry in general which would be used to leverage the brand’s profits.

Photo by Anna Nekrashevich from Pexels

I’d like to see Twitter being used for conversations and monitoring, Pinterest to promote plans, clothing and even nutritional information and TikTok for behind the scenes, workout guides seen from the plans sold and q&a’s.

These few tweaks to their strategy can result in higher SEO, an increase in customer satisfaction and brand awareness.

I’m curious to know if you’ve ever been intrigued by a brand simply for how their brand’s voice is?

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