DIY Valentines Day

In the spirit of Valentine’s day coming up next week, I thought it would be a good idea to help you think if DIY (do it yourself) gifts you could give to your loved one if you’re a little low on cash or feeling crafty! If your feeling stuck look no further, I have some great ideas that I tried out myself!

Because I am going for a super cheesy Valentines gift theme I thought these ideas would be great

Date Jar

When making my date jar I followed this tutorial by The Realistic Mama. It was very easy and fun to make. All you need:

-Paper or Popsicle Sticks (multi-coloured if desired)

– Sharpie

-Mason jar

Basically all you need to do is cut your paper into strips, write your date ideas down (I think I did around 36 and that filled my little mason jar), fold your idea in half and stick it in the jar! If you are using Popsicle sticks just throw them into the jar. It’s a quick and easy gift and its fun for the both of you! After you are done that you can choose if you want to decorate your jar or leave it plain.


Love Coupons

I chose to take my time and make the coupons myself rather than printing out coupons (if you would rather that here is a link for coupons.   What you need:






DIY Scratchers

This was fun because you can really get creative with the prizes, I made one that said 10 reasons why I love you. Tutorial

What you will need:



-Dish soap

-Silver Acrylic Paint

-Clear Packing Tape


Cheesy Sayings with Candy

This idea is super cute and cheesy and I just love it. You can write what ever you want or use some of my ideas.

What you need:




For me I picked up; gummy worms, suckers, a FANTA drink, skittles and pop rocks.

My sayings I wrote and stuck on them were:

Gummy worms- “I’m hooked on you” Suckers- “I’m a sucker for you” Fanta- “I think you are FANTA stic” Skittles- “You colour my world” and Pop Rocks- “You Rock!”




Can’t think of what to get your boyfriend/girlfriend for Valentines Day? Make his/her day with some some super cheesy homemade gifts!


4 quick and easy DIY Valentines Day gifts! #FeelingCrafty #CheesyVDay



7 thoughts on “DIY Valentines Day

  1. Hi Olivia,

    This is so cute! Your loved one is going to feel very special this Valentine’s Day! Are you a Pinterest fan? You should add these photos and instructions to your Pinterest account, people on there are always looking for creative, crafty ideas. Also, as we move into a more tech-savvy, online shopping-crazed world (where everything is conveniently at the touch of your fingertip), do you think homemade presents are becoming even more cherished?

    • He loved them! haha said it was defiantly the most cheesy gifts, mission accomplished! I personally think homemade gifts are so much better than running out to the store and picking something up quick. Obviously you can get something and shows you put thought into it but homemade gifts show the amount of time and effort and i just think they are so much cuter to give and receive!

  2. These are such fun ideas! I never knew you could make your own scratchers – this is basically a life changing revelation for me! I recently read somewhere that with the dawn of web sites like Etsy, homemade and one-of-a-kind items are now making a comeback and are considered better than factory-produced items, whereas in the 50’s, it was the opposite. It’s interesting that technology has helped to bring back craftsmanship and is also making it easier to share techniques via the internet (or as Leigh pointed out, Pinterest!). It seems a bit counter-intuitive but it’s turning out to be a happy digital side effect. Thanks for the ideas and happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours!

  3. Hi Olivia,

    Your blog is so cheerful and fun. I like the photos and ideas and the layout in inviting. You posted some great ideas and it is so nice to do diy instead of alway going out and buying something. I regularly save diy pins on Pinterest – a little hobby of mine.


  4. Love this post – such creativity! I am only reading this now, so I will definitely keep it in mind for next Valentine’s Day, and to start a date night tradition. I have a Pinterest account and never use it – but these are the types of things that are found on it, correct?? hahaha #Ineedtogetwithit #behindthetimes #socialmediaamateur

  5. I loved your blog. I like the ideas and photos you have posted and invitation layout. Thanks for the idea i think would be very useful. That is great ideas which we can use it instead of just spending money. I think it make your partner feel special too with these things instead of buying it from outside. Thanks for the great ideas.

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