Social Media – Is fake the new trend?

The “ take a selfie, fake a life” era seems to be upon us.

Many of us find ourselves questioning if everything we see in our news feed is actually real, such as posts about our friends relationships, the influencer lifestyles, different men and women with their luxurious lives and picture perfect bodies or families. It can be very frustrating for an average person to see posts like this every day in their feeds as some say it causes a feeling of “not measuring up” or  a feeling of a “failed life”. But why would people allow themselves to feel so low if all of it is possibly a lie ? Here’s the thing, most people don’t because they choose to also follow the fake trend instead. 

We compare ourselves daily with the lives of others. This has been an issue with humans since the beginning of time and has always been challenging. Today however, being confident in ourselves and believing in our own success without comparison has become nearly impossible for some as we are constantly bombarded with on screen versions of the so called perfect life. 

I see how the trend must of have started. Why would we post a photo of ourselves that we think is unattractive? We want the people on our followers list to see the best about us.

The problem with this, is that it has made our own egos love to be fed by all the likes and shares that our followers have given us. We are allowing others to judge us for the lives we portray online and not by who we are in person. Ultimately, this makes our feelings of “failure”, that I was talking about above, diminish. Or, so we think in that moment… 

Take a look at this video which explains how toxic this trend actually is.

Also, watch this award winning short film about social media and depression.

With all this social media “love” we get from others, our egos start to crave more. We add more and more content making it look better than the last. It’s a vicious cycle that has led us into a competitive and dangerous online world where we aren’t just in competition with our last post. We have become in competition with other profiles as well. We create content that isn’t even realistic anymore so that we can be part of the highest followed accounts. Why? Because it makes us feel good to be better and for others to think we’re more successful. It feeds the ego, as I mentioned before, which will convince us that we are superior than others when realistically, it is all a lie. Deep down though, we do know it’s a lie, which is proven in the video I posted above.

I honestly do think that fake is the new trend and most people are stylish with it. Why do I think that ? Because we continue to allow the people we hate to follow us and live on our feeds, so we can try and prove to them and ourselves that we are better. Shocking isn’t it? 

We believe that when they begin to “like” and “comment” on our perfect photos, of our perfect bodies and perfect lives, they truly like and believe what we’re posting. 

In conclusion

Social media is a world that we live in with our devices, and many have felt the need to pretend to have the life they want and wish for. We choose to ignore the fact that it’s all fake news because it has allowed us to escape the challenges of reality and simply makes some of us feel better about ourselves.

We certainly shouldn’t have to prove anything to others and we should practice believing in ourselves daily. The real world would be so much easier and simpler this way. It would be amazing if our social media accounts wouldn’t be such a mest up perception of reality. We’d learn how to set our egos aside and truly be happy. 

None of us have perfect lives. Not even the rich and famous. So why pretend we do online? Let’s stop the fake trend and make it as outdated as a pair of Nike kitten heels.

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I invite you all to start being more real. #beingreal

Here’s another interesting video relating to the “fake trend”.

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2 thoughts on “Social Media – Is fake the new trend?

  1. You have captured such an important issue in our current society. I think you really hit the nail on the head by identifying how our ego plays into our social media use. It can certainly be a slippery slope when we start to get our personal validation from “likes” and “comments” on our photos/posts online. It’s something that is so easy to get accustomed to but very hard to stop focusing on! Thank you for unpacking this issue for us.

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