Are we in our phones too much, that we have no time to play with our children?

I see that we need to be less in our phones and start playing, talking to our children. That’s what I am trying to do right now. I give myself a limit with my cell phone and to social media, and try to spend more time with my children before they grow up, plus they grow up to fast, and I don’t want them to remember their mom that was always on her phone. I went to the mall the other day and I was looking around that I saw a lot of parents in their phones while pushing the stroller. Social media is taking over our lives but we can still make time for our families.

child ignored by parents

We need to give our self a limit, or also wait until our kids go to be bed to be in our phones, but I know some parents need their phones due to work. As for me I always wait to be in my phone when my kids go to bed, but sometimes I get so tired that I need my rest and I have a lot to do at home.


There this article in the website I read about this kind of topic. Why Cell phones are bad for parenting. Our children will always know whether they have our full attention. It’s time for parents to break the phone habit before it’s too late.


Why Cell Phones Are Bad for Parenting

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3 thoughts on “Are we in our phones too much, that we have no time to play with our children?

  1. Thanks for the post! You bring up a very important subject. I work in a restaurant and am appalled at the amount of families who come in and spend the entire meal with their noses buried in their phones! It makes me sad. I too have made an effort to e present when my children are around. I hope more people follow your lead in limiting their screen time

  2. Good post!!! Yes parents are so taken by social media nowadays that they hardly ever take time to spend with their kids. I was a former teacher at an International School and I’m very familiar with the lack of child and parent participation, collaboration and bond. It was as if these parents hardly knew their kids, their cell phones were always glued to their ears. One might receive a phone call or two or an urgent text sometimes but it feels like kids have to compete with technology for their parents attention.

  3. I agree with your content; it is a balancing act. People and the news say kids today should get used to using technology because they will be living with it around them, even more so than today. But it is strange to me the juxtaposition, as I often see parents giving phones and tablets to the kids to play with so that the parents can go about their business. I think a lot of parents do this with their kids to “satisfy” them and keep them occupied. I think technology has created too much convenience that can be bad for both sides. No doubt will it be challenging to acquire the will power to stop such obsessive behavior.

    I like the rules and guidelines outline You can easily turn that around and use it on your kids too. It makes perfect sense to me.

    In my mind, when I am at home, I do not answer calls for work, nor do I look at my work email. If I use my phone when I am not at work, it is to socialize with friends. I obviously do not have children, but I would imagine that if I did, I would not allow them to be using technology for longer than one hour and have them enrolled in sports, or music, dance, and other communal activities.

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