Impact of Social Media on the Restaurant Industry

Have you ever been to a restaurant because it was being promoted on social media? Most people under the age of 40 will answer yes to this question.

Like most things in the past decade, the restaurant industry has been heavily impacted by the use of social media.

Marketing through social media has been the most beneficial aspect of social media when it comes to the restaurant industry. Social media has allowed restaurant marketing teams to increase opportunity and creativity when trying to reach the attention of restaurant goers. You can find ads all over the internet, through platforms like instagram, youtube, facebook and even on the television. Most of the ads come from fast food chains like Mcdonalds, Harveys, Subway and so on. So how do small restaurants get their brand out there? Almost all restaurants, no matter the size, have accounts on big platforms and offer sales and give aways so that people will share their promotions with their friends and further gain on customer growth. One of the most important pieces of restaurant marketing is being active on said platforms by posting pictures of the food. Another area for restaurants to market their food is through food deliver services such as UberEats, SkipTheDishes, and DoorDash, and pictures are a great way for people to click “order now”. Pictures of food will attract people! Like myself.

Restaurants with a good marketing team will try to interact with their customers, whether it’s commenting on different posts online or engaging in conversation on platforms like yelp. This interaction will have people subconsciously thinking about the restaurant more and more over time, and soon enough, these customers will be at the restaurant ordering food.

Social media has given small restaurants an opportunity for their food to be shared with others and create a higher amount customers. It has also provided jobs for many people in the social media world that love their skill!

What do you think of this topic? Are you a food lover?


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