Couch to 450.6K – Conqueror Challenge

Social media has many different options available to make fitness or the motivation to get up and move a more enjoyable experience. Many fitness apps are available online to get your heart pumping and experience many different genres of movement. Weight training, running challenges, Yoga, Pilates, and the list can go on for days.

One of my favorite apps as of late is the Conqueror Challenges. This particular get-up-and-move challenge allows you to explore different destinations throughout the world, and all you have to do is log your steps, choose how many days you would need or like to complete the challenge, and earn badges along the way. You can also log distances by running, cycling, or swimming. As long as you track the distance travelled, you can complete the challenge.

You can complete these challenges as an individual or join different groups and tackle the distance with friends. There are various challenges to choose from, and although you do have to pay for each destination, they are fun to complete, and you can choose from two different membership options before beginning. Both give you a medal at the end, and one gives you a t-shirt that you can post pictures in your group wearing to encourage your teammates.

Another positive of this app is its contribution to two different causes; the user decides which cause to support. When you reach certain milestones, it allows you to determine if you want to plant trees with the Plant a Tree initiative or remove plastic from our oceans through Stop Ocean Plastic. Both causes drew me to the challenge, and I didn’t mind the cost when I knew it was supporting environmental issues.

So far, I have completed one challenge through Yellowstone National Park. The challenge includes virtual pictures and videos, postcards of milestones, and a map that shows your location in the park. The stops include information on local plant life, wildlife prone to the area and provide the news like a guided tour throughout the park.

Photo taken by Colette Secord

Currently, I am walking through The Grand Canyon and have doubled the distance challenge from Yellowstone, hoping to build up my stamina to move onto The Great Wall of China or The Lord of the Rings quest. There are so many destinations to choose from and the price point varies per challenge. You can check them out here

Who wouldn’t want to receive a ring and complete the Hobbit’s journey? Or cycle through China? Route 66, anyone? Check out the amazing challenges here!


Travel the world without ever leaving the comfort of your neighbourhood! Check out my new post about the Conqueror challenges and the fitness trend taking over the internet. #conquererchallenge #fitness #hiking #countyoursteps


Journey through the Shire and deliver the ring!! Check out Route 66 or hike across China!! Conqueror Challenges make it happen in your neighbourhood!!! Check out my new post about the new fitness trend taking over the internet!! #conquerorchallenge #fitness #hiking #countyoursteps

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