Assignment # 1 Blog #4 B2C Case Study Kimberley Scott October 10, 2017


Assignment # 1

Blog #4

B2C Case Study

Kimberley Scott

October 10, 2017



One organization comes to mind when asked to reflect on companies who use online means to connect with its consumers, Poo-Purrie. This product was first introduced via Youtube. A few clips would pop up, the message was clear to some, funny to others and unbelievable for a few. It wasn’t unlikely to overhear someone talking about the funny 15 second clip.

In 2013 when the product first hit the market no one really knew what it was, to intercept the confusion of consumers the company released a full-length ad. It then offered consumers the ability to try the product free of charge by visiting the website.

2017 and I have yet to see the product in stores, however much like many consumers, I know what it is and where to find it, thanks to all the online clips strategically placed to capture my attention. Therefore its only fitting that the product has developed a loyal fanbase gaining most of its popularity from online exposure, the company now has 182 094 followers on Facebook, 13.8 K on Instagram and 15.6 K on Instagram. Now fully acquainted with the product line, majority of these consumers would not have had the opportunity to use this product had they not been exposed to it’s online messages



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