BLOG 1 – Why is Social Important in our lives and whats the point of it ?

Why we use social media and whats the point of it ?

The use of social media is to gain with your audience and bring people together and engage with them and bring unique content. In social media we can all connect together and talk to one another and bring awareness to positive change and keep away from negativity and bring everyone together and learn from each other. The point of this is to gather the audience and try to be consistent and bring awareness of negativity around us and realize what is happening around the world.

The unique thing about social media is knowing everything around you and realizing whats happening around the world. The link of the news about twitter and Facebook tells others about how some politics can be fake towards the audience and not knowing the issues that have brought in peoples mindsets that they think that its real. These days people don’t care about how much they can get by using twitter and Facebook and gaining a positive ethics towards people. Its the dumbest thing you can ever do to gain a popularity in politics and not caring about the people around you.

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The world has its own issue and where you go, you will see poor gets poorer and rich gets richer. What is the main key of social media then? Why can’t we use it wisely and effectively? Don’t bring negativity to this world, always bring positivity to people that way you and me can think about the changes and the issues of our people. For facebook you spend thousands of dollars on stupid ads and still don’t get anything then whats the point of it and how will you reach that target?

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