Blog 2: What is Social Media and What Are The Big Trends

Social media is interacting with your audience and bring them to your page and engage with them and keep on posting consistently. This is all about learning how to engage with your followers and keep the conversation going every single time and bring it to live. In my expertise I have gained more followers but wasn’t consistent at all and then left like a year and then everything dropped down. As they say consistency is the key to life and not giving up is better thing to do and hoping you will do something in your life is a valuable lesson for you.

Never be negative on social media as you will get people who will spam your messages and give you a hard time. This can cause mental disorder and depression to one self and not being able to move forward. As I know anything is possible but we have to make sure we can do it and not create negativity and become a cyberbully to others who can be treated as hate and disorder. Think about how will this help others in the up coming events and learn from others and have a positive life.

The big trend are vlogging , beauty channels or car videos even fashion but this depends on whats your niche and how will you achieve. Achieve your goal with your own ideas and brainstorm those values of your life. This is the time to learn new things in life and know the trends of the society and bring a value in our life’s. The trend is always changing every time but we have to know how to keep up to date and know the experience and gain knowldege from other industries or competitors or organizations.

Image result for social media gifs

Image result for social media gifs

What is the point of social media and how we can use it properly?

What are the key features we can do on social media?

How can we remove negativity on social media become positive in our life?

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