Why we care about the Verified Badges on all social media apps?

The apps we use is to connect with other people and communicate with them all over the world but it seems their are some issues with the app. Its a disaster responding to millions of millions of people around the world to get a verified badges when their channel or page is not authentic enough to get noticed through their audience. This is a major problem as we see that many people have social platforms and want to get verified but they can’t because they haven’t grown their platforms in that level. Their is a lot of applicants who want to get verified but it takes time to get it done and patience is the key to success.

Now as I was talking about verification badge, recently Facebook and twitter and other platforms have put everything on hold because these days people are so confused of what their business is and what they need to do in their niche. You work hard, you will get it and if you don’t, you won’t get it at all and believe me this is very messed up situation. Life teaches you a lesson to provide a unique communication and build that type of audience but no one really cares, they just want to get, what they want the most. Its all about patience and creating a unique audience and engaging with other people.

Their are so many policies that the platforms gave us but why we don’t use them wisely and keep it appropriate for other users who want to follow the brand. Doing something inappropriate will take you out from getting verified and this is not a joke. People these days work hard to maintain their audience and engage and communicate to build their unique brand. All I am saying is getting a verification badge is unique for those who’s brand have been grown and if someone impersonated them then they can but no one is bothering then don’t. It all depends on the brand and how we create the engagement and bring are client together in to our page and for your own personal safety

Why we care took much about social media?

How can we use the platforms wisely and follow the policies?

Are we able to help others with social media?

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One thought on “Why we care about the Verified Badges on all social media apps?

  1. This might sound ridiculous, but I’ve always had a goal of becoming verified on Twitter! I think that it can really showcase how individualistic a person can be and how much they stand out. Sure, social media is not the most important thing in the world and seeking validation from others in that capacity is not healthy, but it is fun to think about!

    I also think the verification check on social media is important for celebrities. It can be dangerous if there are many fake accounts saying dormitory things pretending to be somebody else.

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