Storytelling COM0014

Storytelling has come a long way since it started. It all started with pictures in rocks, then developed into song and dance, word of mouth, reading, all the way to digital media. We still use most of these ways of storytelling to this day. Next time you’re listening to a song really focus on the lyrics, and listen to the story that the song is trying to tell you. Everyone has their favourite versions of storytelling from both telling and listening points of view.

Getting your audience involved in your posts helps grow your page and helps push your content out there. You may be wondering, how do I achieve this? When posting on social media, at the end of every post put a question. the question could relate to the intent you just posted or be totally unrelated. for example for this post a question I could ask is “what is your favourite version of storytelling from both points of view? When people are answering the question in the comments, this is an opportunity to start conversions with them. Reply to their comment, and ask questions back. Little details like interacting with your audience.

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