B2C Case Study (COM0114)

Rare beauty’s main way of advertisement is through social media. But how are they keeping everyone engaged the whole time?

Well rare beauty encourages their followers to post about them by creating little contests and games on TikTok and Instagram. TikTok, Instagram, and twitter are the main social media platforms rare beauty uses. The brand has created special hashtags for people to use when talking about the product. When this hashtag is searched all content that has used this hashtag will show up.

You may be wondering what could some games that can be used in social media. One I have seen a lot is the greater will comment a certain work letter by letter without someone else’s comment interrupting you, if you get it you will get a follow back.





This not only gets the followers involved but busts their engagement. Another game you could play to promote a certain product is have a contest to see who can create the best work with said product. winner could get a shout out.

Little things like this really help with advertising and growing your supporters. Also make sure that you are being active with the people playing these games or entering the contests.

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