COM0014 – Personal Reflection

It is human nature to want to communicate.  To tell stories, to share experiences, and to provide insight and advice.  We are built to communicate.

Communication is not only personal but professional.  We communicate in business to raise awareness, sell products, advertise brands and inform our clientele.  With the advent of social media, business know have another means of connecting with their customers, and it is immediate and far-reaching, and can sometimes be unforgiving.

Businesses have a huge task to engage their audience, given the abundance of information out there.  They need to grab the attention of their audience and try their best to keep it.  Their stories need to be relevant to what the customer is looking for, as well as being responsive.  They need to listen to what the customer is saying and respond to that.  Social media is a two way conversation and business need to be conversant and address the needs, concerns and questions of their audience.  Otherwise, with all the competition ready to step in, your customer will go elsewhere.

It is also vital that businesses need to know their audience.  And while demographics are important (ie gender, age, geography etc) it is important for business to know even more about their audience.  Businesses need to be in tune with trends, issues and concerns, and the behaviors that are common with their target community.  It is always a good idea to test drive any messages with a small target audience, and listen to feedback before putting out to a wider audience.  And as mentioned previously, it is also critical to value the feedback you recieve from your audience and respond accordingly

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