When Grandpa’s Quotes Became Digital Eye Candy

Quotations make us stop and think. They enable us to see life from a completely different point of view. That is something my grandpa instilled in me at a young age. He was a person that never said much but always found a variety of ways to use quotations.

With the advancement of technology everyone is able to find millions of quotes at the touch of a button. When you combine powerful words that express an emotion within a digital canvas the results are inspiring.

Since the vast selection of graphic online applications can become overwhelming, especially to those that lack technical experience, we have discovered three tools that match the versatility of quotes.

  1. Recite (Free) – Someone without any experience can either select a quote from the app or paste their own into a standard pool of images. You can download or share this creation immediately on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and Stumbleupon.

recite-1j81f8d (2)

2. Quozio (Free) – Just like the application above, it is very simple. Quozio makes it easy to share quotes and has a separate text box for the author.

Screen shot 2016-06-14 at 6.21.31 PM

3.  Bitstrips (Free) – This is one of many cartoon generators that can be use to develop your own personal emoji, character or avatar. You may need to spend some time to become an expert. We love using the comic builder option to create dramatic/funny visual quotes for presentations.



Over the years, we have had great success using visual quotations to do the following: stress a particular thought during a presentation, share positivism on social media platforms and be philosophical to empower productivity or comic relief.

Do you feel famous? Share your own “visual quote” in the comments below while using your favourite tool.


One thought on “When Grandpa’s Quotes Became Digital Eye Candy

  1. Thanks for the great information on the digital canvass. I hope to take advantage of this soon. My father had so many personal quotes that we used to call them “Herbisms”. One of them I use all the time is “suits your peculiar style of beauty”. You get lots of looks on this one. Was that a compliment or an insult?

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