Blog Post #2 COM0015 Strong and Weak Organizations

91c5b5_f4e8df360807459ab7d083b75ce198e5Have you heard of TedTalks? If not, you are alone! TedTalks is a nonprofit organization. Talks are presented on any subject, from science and technology, religion, race and global issues. The talks are typically under twenty minutes and are available in over one hundred languages! A few years ago, I hadn’t even heard of them and now, one of my friends has one (click here)! TedTalks are part of every dinner party and water cooler conversation. Here’s why. Ted understood that global interest was key. The web is the place to accomplish that. All Ted talks are easy to share and have been over 800,000,000 times! They realized very quickly that smart phones played a huge role in their sharing so they kept the videos powerful, quick and easy to view on a telephone screen. TedTalks has 7.5 million Twitter followers and 9,269,053 Facebook followers. It has the unique ability to stay fresh as there is ALWAYS something to talk about! TedTalks are great listeners, whatever is abuzz around the world, Ted will develop said topic and produce interesting content viewers are keen to watch. As mentioned Ted is a non-profit and makes most of its revenue from conferences held around the world with excitement kept alive by their online presence and easy share policy.

Although I was not a fan of the Ice Bucket Challenge, I would be lying if I said I didn’t admire its social media campaign. I’m sure everyone has heard about it but here’s a link if you haven’t (Ice Bucket Challenge). The challenge blew up across social media, with celebrities like Oprah Winfrey (watch video here), Adam Levine and Justin Timberlake taking part. In fact I think everyone and their dog posted at least one Ice Bucket Challenge video. Videos were shared across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and made the old school news hundreds if not thousands of times. The Ice Bucket challenge was quick and easy to do, had shock value, was “fun” and despite a few critics, succeeded in raising $100 million towards ALS research. A 3,500% increase from the year before! That my friends, is a successful campaign resulting in a successful organization with the possibility of changing many lives for the better.

Apple, I’m sad to say is a company that is not taking advantage of a social media campaign for their products. I cannot remember the last time I saw anything Apple related on Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat or Twitter. I am a huge Apple fan. I own an iPhone, my son has an iPhone and I am typing this blog from my beautiful MacBook Pro.Apple-iphone However, Apple has remained quiet over social media platforms. It seems to have worked in the past but sales are down for the first time in 2016 making it the first of its kind since 2003. There are many contributing factors such as slower products and the inability to game or modify, however, perhaps their lack of social media listening has a part to play. What harm could a more active presence on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter do? This is the way of marketing for 2016 and beyond. An engaged audience has a massive influence on your organization’s sales and as an Apple fan, I would hope to see the company flourish.

What social media campaigns are you most inspired by? Which ones need a helping hand? Would love to hear you thoughts!

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One thought on “Blog Post #2 COM0015 Strong and Weak Organizations

  1. I think TED Talks are amazing and have used them for multiple purposes – information and for presentations. They are also now on Netflix so the reach has expanded. I don’t really have a favorite social media campaign as I just a newbie to the genre.

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