Hospitality Blogs For Student Success

Blogging is a marketing format where the user is able to attract high quality traffic, maintain an increase of leads while maximizing one’s product visibility. In our case, the employers of the hospitality industry will become aware:

This information would be obtained from:

  1. WordPress
  2. Facebook page
  3. Twitter alerts
  4. Pinterest and Instagram recipes

All of the social avenues above would drive traffic towards the wordpress blog. The purpose is to drive internet searches, to get employers and general public to like the facebook page, influence the hospitality industry, provide specific knowledge and solutions to employers through linkedIn. A variety of topics, ideas, activities and trends are what you may find on the blog. It will be related to the greater Ottawa area. It will further expand on the food and beverage trends around the world and how they affect us.

The blog would be used as a format to place calls to actions in order to generate new leads. Blog readers would be increasingly engaged with the web links and the blog content. It would provide direct “how to” and “professional contacts” through professional associations and in return for these services each viewer must joining/follow the blog (upon approval). Furthermore, it would support hyperlink words to other areas and contextual call- to action; the increase appeal of the CTA’s will cause readers to increase their click-through rate and then, end upon my page.

Overall, the blog would be controlled in that it would only be for members.

The following would be tracked:

  1. the number of specific requests for download
  2. visits – number of members
  3. uploads/downloads of recipes and job postings
  4. uploads/downloads of personal C.V’s
  5. corporate training and program requests

This blog is a vital connection to future success.



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