By: Kamal Hylton

Although most of us don’t do it very often, ever once in a while its good to stock of where we are in all phases of our lives in order to achieve greater success. No matter your current position in life, whether it be professionally or personally, everyone can benefit from a little fine tuning.

Here are three areas I personally work on everyday.



Overcoming fear/pressure is arguably my biggest hurdles, as it is for a lot of people no matter their level of confidence or what they show on the outside. Dealing with fear/pressure is purely mental and the brain is the most powerful part of our bodies, controlling everything we do and playing a key role in dealing with fears or pressures. For this reason, the best way I’ve found dealing with issues stemming from fear and/or pressure is to rely more on instincts and what feels right without overthinking. The technical term for this is called rapid cognition, but in plain English it refers to relying more on your experiences and feel without getting bogged down with too many facts, figures and data.



Social media without a doubt has enabled communication to be faster and easier. Something that I’m grateful for, especially with it being such a big part of my job and a reason for me taking this course. That said, speaking from personal experience, social media has also turned me into a bad communicator. For this reason I’ve personally taken drastic steps in order to become better at communicating. For example I keep all my social media activity work related and for clients, allowing me to easily separate myself from it whenever I feel the need. To fill this void I’ve take more of an interest on reading books on a variety of subjects instead of surfing the web, writing entries of my thoughts into a notebook and instituting tips and new elements into my life slowly. Resisting the urge to jump on Twitter and Facebook at every moment was difficult in the beginning and my not be for you, but sticking to this has actually helped me become both a better communicator face-to-face as well as a better overall writer.



As someone that likes a set routine, slowing things down and changing things up has been a difficult area of improvement for me. Many of us are guilty of getting too wrapped up in work and careers, taking work home with us or committing to a lot of overtime, however it’s also very important to realize that that can actually do more harm than good. It’s important to take time out for yourself and enjoy life, whether it’s through a new hobby, sparking up an new friendship/relationships, finding a cause bigger that yourself through volunteer work or something else entirely.


  1. I feel like I can relate to those three things too. When I start to notice myself turning to Facebook and YouTube videos as a way to zone out and pass time, I know it’s a sure sign that I am overworked and that I have to sit down with myself and remind me to slow down. I find a good book to read and simply disconnect from any social media for a while, eventually leading to an everyday life not focused on my phone or computer.

    I also agree about being a good communicator. With technology that allows us to do everything so instantly, it’s easy to forget that actually writing a good message or communicating information the right way to the right people takes time and patience.

  2. I agree. Also, I found that trying to cope with one’s anxiety and stress is certainly admirable. The more versatile and willing one is to change the better it is for the individual and those around them. Fears and stress seem to emanate from realistic and unrealistic standards that others or we put upon us. In my opinion, perfection does not exit. The only thing that does exist is our ability and desire to do our best at every task. The method of changing one small can cause a variety of beneficial results…over time. In my case, meditation and reading allows “events” to slow down and connect with my inner self. By not using mobile communication for part of the weekend, I find that my own stress levels decrease drastically. Also, I enjoy browsing through books for information more than the immediate results of the web search because I am a tactile individual (I do fact checking sometimes…for hours). In the long run, we should all try new or different things (personally and professionally) to discover a perfect balance.

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