COM0014 – Blog #4 B2C Case Study

There is a surprisingly well loved green bird taking over Tiktok and it’s the Duolingo Owl. This company mascot has quickly become well known on the app. Their team has done astonishingly well on Tiktok with 3 Million followers and videos with up to 30 Million views.

Duolingo is making sure to stay relevant with all the latest trends, which bodes well for them because they use a comically large mascot owl suit to enact them. They have also taken to partnering with other tiktokers to collaborate on videos such as Kat Stickley, Chris Olsen and Peters Pasta. This has worked great for them because they end up with a few videos on their account with the tiktokers as well as a few cameos on the other creator accounts page ensuring that not only are they reaching their fan base, but also the for you page’s audience and the other creator’s audience.

The company also utilizes other platforms for their social media marketing strategy but tiktok is by far their most successful venture. Their approach is working extremely well and I would recommend this approach for other companies. Duolingo is an amazing example of the power of Tiktok and the importance of collaboration. 

One thought on “COM0014 – Blog #4 B2C Case Study

  1. HI Rachel,

    I found your blog interesting. I am aware of Duolingo but honestly haven’t ever put much thought into it. Thanks to your blog, I hopped over to a few social media sites to check them out because as I mentioned, I knew what it was but had never scene them on any of my newsfeeds and hadn’t really ever thought of them in a marketing light. With that being said, I have agree they do a great job in keeping their feeds busy. I also have to agree their TikTok account utilizes their logo in all the right ways. Thanks for your blog and helping me learn something new today :).

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