COM:00014 Blog #5 – Personal Brand

I am a new mom, I won’t be able to say that forever so I am claiming it while I can! I love connecting with other young moms and encouraging those that are about to become mothers how to laugh at themselves. If I’ve learned anything about this life transition it’s that there’s always something to laugh at.

I am an open book. I was actually just laughing about it this morning while I remembered sharing an embarrassing pregnancy story online for everyone to watch. I have been documenting pregnancy, and postpartum life and everything that comes with it. I have no poker face and am very true to myself in what I do. I strive to succeed and am very driven. I am most proud of my resiliency and drive to meet my accomplishments whether maneuvering parenthood, changing careers, saving for early retirement, etc.

When I ask my circle who I am and what they know me for the answer was organized, clear, and concise. I am a very intentional person, if I’m doing something, I am all in. Right now this looks like sharing my experiences and stories with people online.

I also love content creating and filming videos. I have a couple that have reach 500k views and am working on recreating that. I’m great at scheduling my content and have a strong creative side that I can easily adapt to social media.

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