COM0014 – Blog 2 – Emily Clarke – Storytelling and Communication Styles.

We story tell our experiences to allow others to create an idea/image of what it could feel or look like, helping to build a better understanding of what really happened. Without people storytelling we would not connect with one another in a more easy and fun way, it would lead us to keeping things to our self’s not getting the chance to hear different things from other people. Telling a story helps others develop the ideal person you are and helps you develop a writing voice. Interacting with people who comment on your post helps provide knowledge, engagement and a lot more of an insight on the audiences opinion.

I’ve learned that I will need to do a lot more blogs in order to be able to develop what feels right as my storytelling voice. This class is also reminding me about a few communication styles that I have forgotten about such as passive or manipulation when it comes to writing. I feel that I tend to give off a fun, creative but also simple vibe in-person and when it comes to my storytelling.

A few points of Sotrytelling:

  • Information//Knowledge.
  • Connections.
  • Build a magical like feeling.
  • Creates different emotions.

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