Is Facebook hiding # of likes too?

First Instagram, now Facebook? Yes, the rumors are true. Facebook will follow in Instagram steps by hiding the number of likes on users’ posts. Facebook mentioned that removing the number of likes from users view is an attempt to reduce social pressure among users.

Facebook officially started hiding likes in Australia on Friday, September 27, 2019 and are possibly looking at expanding in to other Countries. Only the post’s author will be able to see how many likes and reactions they have received.

Users can still see that people have reacted to the post along with a few names who have liked it. The number of comments will be displayed and visible as well as shown below.

Facebook like test
Facebook’s new hidden like feature

Wait a second, this is a very similar to Instagram’s format.

hidden likes instagram
Instagram’s new like feature

For Facebook and Instagram, the goal is to evaluate the quality of the content posted, rather than view how many likes the user received. This is a step in the right direction for both accounts because this will allow users to stop comparing themselves to one another and possibly eliminate insecurities if their posts don’t get as many likes. Also, this might eliminate users from deleting posts if they don’t get as many likes.

Facebook follows Instagram and removes the # of like feature.. Here’s why

Facebook removes the # of like feature.. #facebookremoveslikes #whyfacebook

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