COM0014 – Blog #1: Travelling to Mexico

To escape the long Canadian winter months, last year in January 2020, we decided to travel to a sunset paradise and selected to travel to Maya Riviera, Mexico. We travelled to this destination for a miraculous 10 day vacation…

Photo Captured in Mexico

This is my second time travelling to Mexico, but my first time travelling to the beautiful Maya Riviera. We stayed at the Grand Sunset Princess Platinum Suites, a five star resort. This was unlike any of the previous vacations that I have taken. (This was a rather very different experience considering my previous stays abroad were typically in Hostels). This was a very luxurious hotel with over 16 swimming pools with the inclusion of 15 restaurants and bars.

At Grand Sunset Suite, we indulged in A La Cartes, which included three to five course meals.

Here are some snapshots of the meals that we indulged:

PS. Yes, the second photo is an octupus that they cooked right in front of us!!!

With pristine white sand beaches, glittering turquoise waters, and colourful sunsets, Maya Riviera is one of Mexicoès finest holiday destination. In the past, I have travelled to over 40 countries and the intention of this trip was all about relaxation. This included plenty of sun bathing, lounging by the beach and reading many books. We even made some new friends by the beach….

Monkeys in Maya Riviera, Mexico

If you’re still deciding which location to visit in Mexico, I’d highly recommend you stay at the Grand Sunset Princess Platinum Suites. There are plenty of restaurants, daily entertainment and tons of room for you to lounge and enjoy the sun on the beach. If you are feeling a little luxurious you can even upgrade to platinum services. This service includes high quality added amenities and exclusive access to beach areas. This involves plenty of perks and allows you to even get beach chair service of endless beverages!

Have you been to Mexico before? What is your favourite to travel?

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