Target Audience


If you are not aware, assessing your target audience is the first step in designing any communication strategy. 

Assessing your target audience will allow you to understand your target audience. 

For me, I would love to be a mom blogger, who is able to share my DIY’s and home recipes that I cook for my family. 

Specifically, for my target audience demographics are parents of either gender, and not really age specific. For individual’s wo are interested in DIYS’s and homemade recipes. 

I specifically look at mom communities, there are so many of them. They are located all around the world. I like to see what moms and dads are up to all over the world. 

Once I get the hand of how to promote myself, I would love to be a mom influence and maybe partner up with some other moms. 

If anyone has any suggestions, I am open to them.  

Some ways I can maybe communicate with my target audience is have some polls for them in what they are interested, maybe partner up with other mom bloggers to try have contests. 

I cannot wait to start this journey. 

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