COM0014 – Blog # 7 – Personal Reflection

Blog # 7 – Personal Reflection

  • Why is storytelling important to creating great digital content?

Storytelling is important to create digital content because it easily builds connection with the audience. In today’s world, everyone has access in digital and everyone can build content. People have thousands of options. It is hard to get the attention of audience easily with any kind of content in the world of the network. Since people are emotional driven and historically are willing to listen to stories. Once people build and see the connection with one story, then they are willing to know more about that specific content. The power of similarity and connections is very important in digital content. This the reason that people with similar nationality and culture usually end up being together because they see themselves in each other.

  • How will your content be guided by the story?

I think my content of story will be guided by sharing my background story. Since I know the power of storytelling, I will try to add some of my international experiences too. In this way, I can have an international audience, besides the one that I have a similar background.

  • What kind of stories do you want to tell?

I want to tell my audiences to see their weakness as a tool to make themselves stronger. I want to tell my audiences how to have control of their thoughts. When one master on controlling their thoughts, then they have mastered at controlling the world.




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