COMM0014 Blog # 3 Starting my own YouTube Channel



Let’s say I am confident enough and start my own YouTube channel. In my YouTube channel, I will be playing Ukulele, with the basic skill that I have. I will try to self-thought myself more about Ukulele and learn new skills.

  • Let’s say my goal for the first 2 months is:
  • Get 50 subscriber
  • Play 2 songs with ukulele
  • Respond to comments- find out what attracted viewers
  • Build good relationship with viewers

Characteristics of my audience:

I should have this in mind that my audiences are international and diverse since everyone is going to have access to my channel on YouTube.

Demographics: My audience will include all kinds of people, different age, different gender, and different ethnicity.  Mostly teenagers, who want to learn basic skills of the ukulele. I don’t have professional skills at Ukulele, older people might not be much interested.

Psychographic: I think that my audience will mostly be the outgoing kind of teenagers, who are interested in learning new things. Or people who are interested in music and have never had the chance to learn. My channel will be a great opportunity for them to learn basic skills of Ukulele.

Effective ways to communicate with the audiences:

  • Tools: The comment section and leaving questions at the end of my videos.

  • Strategies: In YouTube, there is a comment section, where I can communicate with my audience. Answering to their questions is an effective way to communicate with the audience.

An example of successful YouTubers:

When I researched on YouTube I found so many successful YouTubers on YouTube. Most of them have used different kinds strategies to communicate with their audience. One of them that I liked is called “ Doddleoddle”. It looks that she might be around the age of 19th. In most of her Videos, she plays Ukulele or has the ukulele as her background music. She used the comments sections to communicate with her fans or audience. Most important of all she uses comedy and jokes to keep her audience energetic and interested.


Link to YouTuber:



2 thoughts on “COMM0014 Blog # 3 Starting my own YouTube Channel

  1. I have always tried to start a YouTube channel and I just couldn’t get the hang of it. I like how you’ve planned it out into a schedule based system and I like how you have a system for communicating with your audience! Good luck! 🙂

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