COM0014 – Blog # 5 – Personal Branding


Some of the personal qualities or characteristics that set me apart from my competitors are my hard work, warmth hearted, sense of humor and organization skills. I have always realized that I am pretty good at handling stress and pressures. If I have lots of things to do I would start doing it ahead of time than leaving it for the last moments. In addition, I have realized that I get lots of positive feedback from friends that they feel comfortable around me. I sometimes think it’s because of my weird sense of humor or my kind attitude that came to me from my mom.

At age 15 I start living by my own, Independent girl! I know it sounds cool to say the word independent, but it is not easy at all. I traveled to Canada to peruse my education. At the beginning It was hard to integrate to totally new cultural and everything. Lately, I have sort of found myself and my goals. Things are working in a way that I want them to work. I am becoming a real independent person and taking all of my responsibilities. Not to brag, I got good grades at my previews ‘semester. I am basically saying, being from totally different culture, learning a new language and standing on my own feet really make me be proud of myself.

My friends have told me that I trust people easily or am easy going on some occasions. I don’t know if it’s a good quality or my weakness. This trait makes people feel connected and comfortable around me, sometimes. I personally think that I should be more aware of my surrounding and still be nice and kind to people. Kindness and a good personality are what makes you stand out.

I have said this previously, I am really proud that I am full-time student at Algonquin college and challenging myself to learn new skills and new things.






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