Networking Now & in the Future

So how will I go about developing my professional network online and in person.

In person is easy peasy! I love to talk, I love to learn, I love to ask questions and basically that is what networking is. I hope to expand the amount of people that I am able to interact with by attending more monthly meetings held by our little town for fellow business owners. Not only will I be able to network with other small business owners, but I will be able to network with small business owners in the same scope of work as us.

Online may prove to be a little harder for me to network with people. I find that sitting behind a screen to be very impersonable and I have a hard time connecting to people, as it is not the same as in person.

My commitments for the next 6-12 months to continue the development of my networks are:

1- To continue to interact with more business owners in our town and to ask more relevant business questions and save the personal questions for when we are not in a business setting.

2- To continue to involve myself and our business in all community events. Having our business name seen at all these events helps with brand recognition, but also to network with as many people there as possible.

3- To continue to interact with as many people as possible on our social media platforms.

4- To continue to take classes and courses about social media and network with other students and educators there.

Meeting new people is something I enjoy doing. I will continue to try and meet new people daily in person and online.

Who wants to chat??

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