Personal Reflection

I have always had great difficulties with personal reflection. Ask me to write and reflect about someone else and I can go on for days on end! But to reflect and write about myself has always been a struggle. I guess it comes from many many years of putting others happiness in front of mine.


So here we go!

Storytelling is important to great digital content because you want your readers and followers to enjoy reading your content and information. You want them to relate to your content. You want them to react to your content. At our business we want people to trust that our word is good and that they feel confident in doing business with us.

Our content will be guided by story, because it helps the audience relate to you personally or to the business. You want your content to allow your audience to engage with you. By posting about equipment maintenance and filter changing, this shows our customers that we want their equipment to run properly for them and that we want their existing equipment to work for them for as long as possible, before having to replace it. We do not want them to think that because their equipment may break that we are the type of business that just replaces it with new equipment.

The kind of stories that our business wants to tell are those that supply important preventative maintenance information, warranty information, rebates and upcoming promotions, fundraising information, and staff profiles and accreditations. Really anything pertinent to the business that our customers or potential customers should know about.

So if you are in need of any HVAC work, please do not hesitate to call us!!

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