Twitter or Facebook choose one….people these days are crazy about the numerous social media websites and pages. People talk a lot about stuff going around the world. Almost the quarter of the population is on Facebook, because social networks feed off interactions among people, they become more active and powerful as they grow.

If we talk about the importance of social media, these days its easily accessible and it meet up the point of today’s internet savvy audience. Whereas, social media proves that it is a good method through which we can easily access the third party in business world.

In the business it has made easy interactions, meetings and working of workers. One can sit far away from his/her country but still can connect his/her meeting partner.

However, this is not the end Social media is coming up with huge problems. There are more number of teenagers on the social media rather than of business men or women. It affect their personal and social life, they usually do not like to interact with each other.

Teenagers have a need to fit in, to be well known and to exceed others. This procedure was testing some time before the coming of online life. Include Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram in with the general mish-mash and you all of a sudden have young people being exposed inclination strain to grow up excessively quick in an online world.

Question is still same on the earth, is Social media is good or bad? Is it important for world or not? Comment down below and share your view.


  1. In my opinion, social media is not good, for people or businesses. I long for the simpler days, when people used critical thinking and research to argue opinion. Remember the saying “don’t believe everything you see on tv”? Unfortunately in today’s day and age, if they saw it on Facebook, it must be fact.

    Social media is particularly dangerous for teenagers. I am grateful every day I did not have this dangerous weapon at my finger tips as an immature teen. Many of my friends who have teenagers have experienced the horrors of how teens use Social Media against each other. From spreading rumours to posting photos of an innocent girl changing for gym.

    I hope that the educational system and legal system evolves better to teach children how to use it and the consequences of their actions when they mis-use it.

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