Botox, Fillers, Threads, Fractora, Forma… OH NO!!

Which one do I choose? What body parts needs it? What age do I start it?  How much is it? These are the thousand questions woman have as they age.

Looking in the mirror at themselves just gives them ammo. Looking at a magazine, or the TV, gives them ammo. And you know what else gives them ammo, “social media”. 

That’s right, not only is it plastered all around you as said above, but it is right in the palm of your hand, “your phone”. As you scroll from this ad to that ad, to this app to that app.  Whether you like or not like, skip it or not skip it.  You see it, people comment about it and people follow it. 

Anything to make you “look” younger is out there. Everywhere you turn. I know for a fact this can be over whelming.  As a young adult, I am impressionable and my mother always prays that I make decisions I won’t regret.  She knows how it is to have these ideas pushed into our heads, the only difference is they had magazines, showing them what’s out there. With magazines, if you didn’t want to see it, you just didn’t buy it. These days there are even have ads in between watching videos on your phone or computer.

A little bit of “botox” and/or a little bit of “fillers”, you say? Botox is neuro-moderlator that freezes the nerves from moving. Dermal filler is a substance used beneath the skin to add volume and fullness.  Then there is the newest trend, Threads.  This a non-excisional lift to fix your skin by embedding a medical-grade thread fabric into an area and after that “pulling” your skin up by fixing the string. All three of these are given through injections and are minimally invasive, meaning they do not involve surgery.

I also have family, that are in the same type of field. The one specializes in one type of machine, that does quite a few things using a hand device and its innovative technology is for minimally invasive & non-invasive treatments. For instance, Fractora offers the skin and tissue remodeling to improve the appearance of the skin for anti-aging benefits. These treatments improve skin appearance by remodeling tissue and collagen.  Then there’s Forma, a thermal radio frequency treatment that targets fine lines and wrinkles, as well as loose skin. This machine also does, laser, fat minimizing and so much more and there is no downtime, as defined here: My other family member uses a similar machine and also invites you to come and do other treatments like: threads, vitamin drips, butt lifts, fat burning, skin tightening etc. A spa for your whole body.

Overwhelmed yet?

Well, I sure am. I am on their Instagram and Facebook pages, so I see what their businesses are up to and how many audiences are out there liking them. And because of that, there are so many other extreme marketing ploys from other brands, and then I question myself, ultimately looking constantly in the mirror. What baffles me is that their targets used to be the “older aging generation” and now, oh no… it’s my generation.  What has this society come to. I am still growing and spreading my wings.

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So, not only do I see this here and there, there and here, it is also the “thing” to talk about in my social groups. Whether in person or messaging back and forth, someone is always wanting to change or fix something on their body. Why can’t we just work with what we have, especially if we are still young. It really is getting out of hand.

Have you every been overwhelmed by wanting something that you probably didn’t need or want, but social media made it irresistible?

A new YOU, why not? Read how some people couldn’t live without this. #facelift.

Should I? or Shouldn’t I? This is one of the biggest decision of your life. Let me help you decide. Read more to help you in your decision.

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