Looking, Looking, and more Looking! If you seek, you shall find they say!

Oh, where, can I find thee?

seeking job, pandemic

“Thee”, meaning a job.

I went through two years of college and studied in a great program that I enjoyed called Special Events Management. While in my second year the pandemic hit. It took all the skills I had learned and undermined my desire to improve them in the real world outside of school. “Dreams almost shattered”, well I would just say, put on ‘hold”.  As much as I wanted to jump into the real world of the “working class”, I did not mind this little bit of a wait. Also, I didn’t expect it to be this long of a wait, but I kept trying to see what was out there.

As I should, I did put a few resumes out there, and nothing!  Mind you, I don’t want to just work anywhere. So, I took what I could and got a job through a friend for a restaurant. I started as a hostess, then led up to expo, and currently, I will be starting to do the waitress, job.  So, I am quite excited and nervous at the same time. I mean I shouldn’t be nervous because I did work at a Tim’s Horton’s for three years straight.  I mean it was dealing with customers, but not quite the same as waitressing. Oh well, once I get the hang of it, like anything, you get more comfortable and know what to do.

Shortly after, working as a waitress for a bit, I will need to pursue my passion even further. The next job will be a waitress at a banquet hall.  I know they set up a lot of events, like weddings, engagements, and fundraisers, etc.  Another thing, I may try being a part of a committee that puts together the fairs that may be coming up, for example, the Caledonia Fair, the Festival of Friends, or the Peach Festival.

I guess I should get my gear into action. In, order to, make these things happen, I would need to do my research and check out any event planning jobs here on the Indeed site: https://ca.indeed.com/ndeed and/or LinkedIn: https://ca.linkedin.com/.

Here’s a great read, one who is in a similar situation as I was, Unemployed graduates struggle to find jobs in the Covid-19 market – Vox. And like her, the employers never got back to me, and I have a certificate in special events. Mind you my field, was on and off during the pandemic.  Now that some of the mandates for the pandemic are being lifted, I will start my search.

And away I go….

Did the pandemic stop you from getting a job or doing something you enjoyed?

Did jobs online look promising and then it wasn’t? Read what is really happening out there. https://algonquincollegesocialmedia.wordpress.com/?p=118800

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