The New Age Of Media (COM0011)

My grandfather worked for the Toronto Star for over 30 years. Today he wouldn’t recommend anyone to follow his footsteps why, Social Media.

The way we get ours news has changed, instead of waiting till the morning to read the paper with a cup a coffee we get up to the minute updates on our smart phones from Twitter, Facebook, or News apps push-notifications. By the time morning falls what is the paper is already known and the next story is on our minds. The police even use Social Media posting pictures of missing people or of suspects asking for the publics help. Getting the message out faster is what draws people to websites like Twitter and Facebook being able to spread news with one post to a few people or hundreds. In pop culture Social Media is huge, connecting with celebrities interacting with your favourite athletes can happen all at the hands of the platforms they use to connect with people.

Traditional news outlets become increasingly less relevant to the digital generation, Newspapers are on their way to extinction and Social Media is to blame or to thank.

social media

Everyone has had to adapt to Social media newspapers, businesses, and consumers it has changed everything. The days of buying expensive yellow pages ads are over. The way companies advertise is predominately digitally based. Interactive social network websites will spread your message instantly. Businesses can concentrate on qualified clients by taking advantage of community sites that do the profiling for you.

Everyday before I go to bed I check my phone for the latest news, before I get up I do the same. Our lives are revolved around Social Media whether we like it or not!

4 thoughts on “The New Age Of Media (COM0011)

  1. I agree. I just cancelled my local newspaper subscription. By the time I get home from work at night, I know everything that is the paper already. I follow the local papers on my facebook and the articles are uploaded as they are written. So why bother paying for the paper? I don’t think newsprint papers will be around much longer. The layoffs at organizations like Sun Media are huge. Free papers seem to be the norm now and most people I know pitch them in the garbage, baggie and all. Social media has changed the way I get information and how I get the news. I rarely watch the 6 o’clock news either unless I happen to be in the room at 6pm. I have heard the headlines, seen the footage and want to know what is happening right now. It will be interesting to see how it continues to evolve.

  2. Excellent observations. I have been professionally consuming news online for several years now and have watched as the newsrooms changed through downsizing and advances in technology. Journalists are now required to produce content for various platforms, including social media. Regrettably, in this speed to get things out quickly, often the in-depth analysis of a considered view is missing. Consequently, the perceived role of journalism as the fourth estate is changing. And I suspect that is why your grandfather would not go into the newspaper business today. Thanks for the info-graphic. I had not seen that before! And watching what is happening to the newspaper business in Canada today, it is not hard to believe that newspapers will become insignificant in our culture by 2020.

  3. I, personally, am glad to have lived in a day and age where the newspaper existed. The images, the exiting stories, the underdog stories, the horoscopes, puzzles and the odd advertisements were a great combination for a good distraction. Unfortunately for the newspaper business, the world would be better off reading the news online. The extinction of the newspaper will help prevent the extinction of trees.

  4. Such a good job, Alexandra!

    I went to school for journalism during a period where newspapers were essentially saying to themselves, “We gotta figure out how to compete with social media or we will fail.” And so many papers have failed because they haven’t been able to adopt. I think journalism is finally getting back on its toes, but it’ll never be the same as it was before. Good job!

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